Preventing Home Lockouts

It has happened to all of us, probably some more than once, and it is infuriating at best.  Getting locked out of the house because you forgot your key, lost your key, or someone said they would be home when you arrived and left without telling you, is pretty frustrating.

The reality is that we all need to be mindful of where we put our keys and be responsible for knowing where they are. But life does happen and sometimes, we just forget or become careless.  In addition to not forgetting or being careless, there are some other practical ways not to get locked out of your home. If you do, however, there are some great tips to help you remedy the situation.  

How to Prevent Getting Locked Out of Your Home

We all know that having your keys on you is the best way not to get locked out of the house.  But when you are particularly harried or in a rush, it is a little too easy to misplace your keys or forget where you put them. So what is a homeowner to do? Take a look!preventing home lockouts

  1. Make a spare key that you leave in your purse, wallet, with a neighbor, or in a lock box.  Leaving a spare key under a rock or your doormat is not recommended simply because it is just too easy for burglars to get access to the home you want to get into.  If you do not feel comfortable carrying an extra or leaving one with a neighbor, a lock box is a great alternative. You can place a key in a specially designed, metal box that stays locked with a combination code. When you place the key in the box, you then secure the cover shut, keeping the key in the box, safely, securely, and accessible only to those who have the combination. This allows you to use your key and store it cleverly without anyone really knowing it is there.
  2. Think about installing a keyless lock.  This is, by far, the best way to avoid getting locked out of your home because the only way to get in is to enter the correct code.  Without a key, you do not have to worry about hiding spots for your key, who to give your spare key to, who is and is not home that may have locked you out when they left the house or misplacing your key.  What you do have to be careful about is making sure that no one except the people you designate, has the code to your door.
  3. Make sure that your locks and keys are in good working order, not rusted out, not on the verge of breaking, and clean.  Even if you have not lost your keys, having a key that breaks in the lock, ends with the same results- being locked out of your house. Every so often, examine your locks and keys, have them repaired or replaced when they appear even the slightest bit damaged, and keep them as clean as possible given their exposure to the elements.  It is important to note here that your grip on your key should obviously be strong enough to open your door, but not so strong that you damage or warp the key during use.

Practical Tips for Dealing With a Home Lockout

So what do you do if, despite all attempts to know where your keys are, make copies of your keys, and make sure your lock is in good working order, you get locked out of your home? Well, you follow the tips here.home lockout prevention tips

  1. Assuming you have 24/7 Locksmiths Near Me programmed into your phone, call us so we can help you get into your safely and without causing any, or at least much damage, to your home.
  2. Try the good old credit card trick. This will not work with deadbolt locks, but usually can with other types of locks.  Though you are more than likely to damage your credit card, (you can use it or another hard plastic credit- card type item), you can slide it between the bolt and door jam to open your door. Two things to remember if you use this method.  One, call your credit card company to replace the card you just damaged as soon as you get your bearings, and two, call 24/7 Locksmiths Near Me to replace the lock you just weakened and that may have been all too easy to break into in the first place.
  3. Check the outer perimeter of your home to see if anyone may have left a door or window open accidentally. It may not be pretty, but if you are able to get into your home by scooting through a window, that may be an option that works for you.  This is an ironic solution if you will because you do not really want to find an open door, but on the other hand, it can work in your favor.  If you do end up getting into your home through an open window or door, check your home to make sure no thieves found the same way in and then meet with the people you live with later on and remind them to always lock the doors and windows.
  4. Last, but certainly not least, do your very best to stay as calm as humanly possible. Getting anxious maybe your go-to reaction, but never in the history of doors or locks has being frantic, falling apart, or being too angry for words at the situation, ever successfully opened a locked door or prevented a home lockout.

Call 24/7 Locksmiths Near Me to discover how best to secure your home, discuss alarm and key installation, and so much more!