Master Key System Setups

There are many benefits to using a master-key system. Our experts can help you by installing a master key system for your apartment complex or office building.

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Superintendents in apartment complexes and maintenance workers in an office building are always going into everyone's home or workspace when work needs to be done. Even though there are many apartments or offices in a building, the building super can access each space easily with the use of just one key. Wondering how he/she can get inside all those offices with just one key? It’s because the superintendent has a master key. Master key systems open up many convenient possibilities. Since they can be used to manage homes and offices in a hierarchy, there is so much to be done with these systems. For example, each employee has a key to his/her own office, while a team leader might have a master key to his subsidiaries offices. The pyramid continues when the branch leader has key access to all the offices on his/her floor, and the company CEO, or cleaning crew might have complete admittance to every office in the entire building. 

Is a Master Key System Ideal for You?

Most keys are compatible with only one lock. After all, for every pot there’s a lid and for every lock there’s a key. A master key is a key that can unlock many different locks. It unlocks several locks, even though each of the locks in the master key system has its own individual key that unlocks it.

These keys prove to be a very convenient option for:

  • Those wishing to oversee a living or work space for many individuals, like in apartment buildings, hotels, and other residencies.
  • Postal workers who need to collect mail from numerous locations throughout each state,
  • Offices with filing cabinet locks, as master key systems allow rows of filing cabinets in offices to lock and unlock with one main key

If you're looking for a convienent and affordable solution for your office locks or appartment building locks, our professional master key installation team is here to help.

How Our Master Keys Systems Work

While locks might look or seem different from each other, the truth is that the mechanisms that allow locks to work are often based of similar ideas and concepts. For this reason, it is possible to create master keys which can lock and unlock several doors with various locks. Take the basic cylinder lock for example; When a key is inserted into the lock- the key turns a cylinder which, in a chain reaction, turns a cam that is attached. By turning the plug in one direction or the other, the bolt is either pulled inside the lock by the cam, unlocking the door, or the bolt is released, the door locks. The process of creating a master key system is somewhat complicated, which is why it is something that can really only be done by professionally trained locksmith technicians.

Why Use a Master Key System?Master key system set up

The main advantage of a master key system is that it allows for total control of a building or complex while at the same time allowing for autonomy by allowing each space to be controlled by one particular individual. There are other benefits to using a master key system, including:

  1. Convienience. The most basic advantage of a master system is that it prevents managers and superintendents from needing to carry bunches and bunches of keys around when making repairs to each private space.
  2. Protection. You can choose to have a Master key system implemented that will only allow others to duplicate keys from your system on blank keys and copied with proper authorization from a building owner.
  3. Security. The key blanks which are used in master key systems are patent protected which means that they are one of a kind and can’t be remade using a repeated style.
  4. Flexability. Master key systems can be modified as needed to adjust to meet specific needs.

If you would like to create a master key system for the keys in your office building, apartment complex, or school, our team of experienced locksmith is prepared to assist you with all your master key system needs.

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