What Is A Smart Home? Smart Locks 101 and More

By 2021, America is expected to host more than 73 million smart homes. This is a projected growth of 50% as a result of the fast integration of these home automation systems and their constantly growing popularity. Today, we have almost completely replaced our tablets and laptops with electronic media libraries. We have learned how to tie all the devices inside the house to one another and control them all with a single device for more convenience.

Consequently, we are slowly, but surely turning our entire homes into smart dwellings, and we apparently have every reason to do it. Home security is critical to most people and smart locks and smart alarms seem to be the future. Let's find out more about this incredible trend and how it could benefit your existence.

Smart Homes With Smart Locks

How good it would be to never have to worry about not locking the door behind you when leaving for work early in the morning? Or when you have guests out of town over and you need an emergency spare key for them? What about when your arms are loaded with grocery bags and you cannot reach for your keys and it's late at night, in a dark driveway or a sketchy neighborhood? The answer to all of these problems could be a relatively simple, but efficient smart lock. You could start controlling the locking and unlocking of your front door with the help of an app on your phone, receive real-time notifications on your phone whenever someone is attempting to forcefully make their way in and watch logs with timestamps letting you know when your kids got home from school or if they sneaked out at night to go to a party.

smart locksSmart locks can completely eliminate the risk of having someone steal your key or make a copy of it and use it to break into your home when you are at work or on vacation. They can also help you get rid of the stress associated with accidental lockouts because of keys that got left behind. Most smart lock models will allow you to hold on to your classical lock and key mechanism so you can use it in case of smart lock malfunction or have a backup for more peace of mind. Just make sure you talk to a professional locksmith for homes and have them periodically inspect your locks for any problems that might escape your untrained eye. For example, the second you notice a lock has started to get jammed and you are having trouble inserting the key in the keyway, you should get in touch with a local residential locksmith like the 24/7 Locksmiths Near Me team and have them take a look.

A voice-activated smart lock with geofencing that allows you to keep tabs on whoever is entering and exiting your property with the help of a smartphone is an excellent solution for most people. Installation is easy and choosing a model that also comes with IFTTT channels means you will also be allowed to connect the lock to other smart home devices such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. You could also opt for a smart lock that features fingerprint and keypad access as well as automatic unlocking options and a WiFi bridge for added convenience.

Smart Alarms And Surveillance Systems

You can also take advantage of the excellent smart home alarms and surveillance systems that can be controlled with the help of a smartphone. A smart home alarm system, for example, could consist of video doorbells, responsive touchscreens, door lock remote controls, thermostat control, movement sensors and surveillance cameras for a complete experience. Most smart alarms come with optional home automation services that can be managed with the help of computers, smartphones or touchscreen control panel for more convenience and freedom of movement. Usually, it is possible to buy the hardware for such an alarm system up-front and select a service plan that best suits your needs. It is also possible to personally supervise the alarm system monitor while enjoying 24/7 support from their tech experts so you can rest assured any difficulty in using the system will be thoroughly resolved by experts. All smart alarms and locks part of a smart home will alert you whenever someone might be trying to forcefully make their way in without your consent or the right key/key pass/credentials, so you will be able to immediately alert the authorities.

Smart Lights For A Smart Home

Choosing smart LED lights around the house means you will be able to program the brightness of the lights and their exact colors using your phone. You can do it from a distance, remotely, so you can create the illusion that there is somebody in the house when you are away on vacation or when working night shifts and you wish to prevent lurking home intruders from burglarizing your home. Plus, you will be able to create the most enjoyable, relaxing and soothing moods in the evening and even enjoy the benefits of color therapy.

For any smart lock or smart alarm issue you might be having, feel free to get in touch with us and our friendly customer support will direct you to the nearest mobile locksmith in your area for any emergency assistance you might need. We handle all types of locks ranging from deadbolt to mortise, double cylinder or smartphone-controlled locks used together with standard locks, so feel free to give us a call today.