Home Security Checklist For Winter

Keep your home safe during the winter with this professional home security checklist compiled by our expert locksmiths.

Learn how to strengthen security on your entryway door and window locks, use outdoor lights to keep intruders away while on winter break and use additional security solutions during the cold season. Some of the tasks on this list require simple handyman skills, while others may require the help of an authorized residential locksmith.

Cozy Up In A Secure House

Security ChecklistEveryone loves to cozy up inside their homes in the winter. The mere thought of holding a hot cup of cocoa, wearing fluffy socks in front of a fireplace and watching your favorite TV series in the evening is pure bliss. However, to make sure nothing interrupts your relaxing moments, you should make sure that your home is properly sealed against unauthorized access and opportunist thieves who like to scavenge empty homes during the holidays.

With this thought in mind, we have worked on a helpful list of things you can do to avoid the unpleasant scenario of having your home be broken into this winter:

Inspect Your Home For Security Flaws

Try to walk into the shoes of a neighborhood burglar for a few minutes. Picture the easiest way into your home. It could be anything from your front or back door in case of a poor quality or broken lock, a ground-floor window with no safety bars on that is always cracked open, or the garage that is connected to your home.

If you do not have the time to personally inspect every inch of your home and determine any security vulnerabilities, you can always schedule an appointment with a home locksmith. Our team can thoroughly assess your home and tell you what are the exact threats that could be endangering your safety this winter:

  • Your doggy door might be too big in size or it may require a lock for extra protection.
  • Your windows may need a new set of locks or bars. We will walk around your property and decide which areas you should pay extra attention to, while carefully inspecting the state of all your locks and alarms and recommend the best solutions.
  • A small problem with a deadbolt lock could lead to your home being burglarized faster than you could imagine.
  • An unsecured window with no small-keyed lock or sensor alarm on it could represent the ideal entryway for a burglar lurking around the neighborhood while you are away on winter break.
  • The garage is oftentimes the Achille's heel of a home, in case there is a door that separates your home from it. Provided the garage door opener is faulty or the lock on the separating door is of poor quality or missing a lock, any perpetrator could use it to make their way in.
  • Missing or broken sensor lights in your yard, in the driveway, in front of the garage, on the patio and other vulnerable areas around the house are also considered security vulnerabilities.

Why Security Cameras Are A Good Idea In The Winter

A home monitoring camera is an excellent burglar deterrent at any given hour of the day or night. No crook wants to risk getting caught on camera while picking the lock on your front door. Even dummy security cameras can get the job done, in case you cannot afford a full set of monitoring cameras with sensors and 24/7 live HD broadcasting.

Make Sure Your Home Is Well-Lit

Security ChecklistBoth interior and exterior lights should be checked for problems, replaced and tested periodically. The trick is to make your home look inhabited every day, especially when you are on vacation with the family. Do not fall into the trap of scheduling your lights to turn on at the exact same hour every day. The regular burglars on your street will keep an eye on your home and notice repetitive patterns such as lights turning on at the same hour every day. Make sure you use random times; a smartphone app can help you control your lights from a distance during the holidays.

Opt For A Smart Home Alarm

Depending on your budget, you could opt for a sophisticated home alarm with motion sensors, nonstop high-definition live footage, video doorbells and remote door locking and unlocking features with access codes. A simple alarm system that will go off whenever someone will try to force their way into your home while missing a key will also do the trick and scare off potential burglars.

Have Your Locks Upgraded, If Necessary

If your home's entryways are protected with the help of single- or double-cylinder deadbolt locks, electronic or smart locks that comply with the highest British Standards and have been installed by professional locksmiths, all you need is a brief lock assessment. If you are not sure what brand of locks you are using or you cannot remember when was the last time you had your locks upgraded, consider opting for the sturdiest burglarproof locks your doors (and budget) can handle. You will sleep better at night, guaranteed, and your winter months will be stress-free.

Final Thoughts

Use UV pens, pictures and inventories to document your most prized possessions. It is also advisable to pick up any spare keys you may have hidden under your plant pots or your favorite lawn gnome – these are usually the first places a burglar will go looking for a key to your home. Take any large amounts of cash to the bank if you plan on going away on a trip and never post any travel dates and details on your social media accounts.