Doggy Door Installation And Security

Worried about your doggy door being a potential break-in point for a burglar? You should be, these doors can be great for your pet, but need to have the proper security installed in order to keep your home safe.

Owning a dog is one of the most rewarding things in the world. Keeping your pet safe, on the other hand, and taking care of all of its needs can be more complicated than you might imagine. Burglar proofing your pet's door will not only keep your home safe from potential intrusion, but it will also keep your furry friend happy and comfortable.

If you do not already have a pet door installed, but you own a pet, you should seriously consider adding a dog door on your next shopping list and learn how to burglar-proof your doggie door as well. While your pet will be happy to go in and out at all times of the day and night, your main concern might be related to your home's safety. If you own a large-sized dog, you may worry that the size of the doggy dog may invite some predators in. Here is what you can do to prevent that from happening.

Modern Day Doggy Door Installationpet door security

  • You should be glad to know that the latest models of doggy doors feature advanced security options that should eliminate a great deal of your concerns. Choosing the right brand, size and model will mean ensuring a high level of protection to begin with.

  • For more peace of mind, you should have an authorized and experienced locksmith help you install your pet door and fit the necessary locks on it. You may also need to add extra locks or padlocks on the fence surrounding your home, or the area you would like your dog to be able to freely roam around. While the majority of kits for pet doors you can find on the market come with covers that can keep your dogs inside or outside, a burglar who is determined enough to make his way into your home through that small hole in your door could, in fact, manage to do it.

  • Opting for the most recent models of dog doors should spare you this risk. They feature built-in security solutions for enhanced protection against potential intruders. You could choose one with a hinge and an actual keyhole so you can use a key to lock it from the interior when you need to. There are also doggy doors that come with a combo lock, but they might limit your pet's movement. Remember to ask an experienced lock technician to have these locks fitted on the door to avoid any mistakes.

Strengthen Security on Your Pet's Door

You can do this by also investing in a door cover that matches the door and gives users the chance to rely on a complex 4-digit combination lock and 12-gauge steel for enhanced protection against burglars. Look for a cover that is compatible with the majority of sizes and brands – who knows when you might decide to get a new/bigger dog?

Focus on finding a cover featuring powerful bolts that can withstand significant force and see they can only be removed from the interior of the house. Covers that also cover the hinge area will prevent potential criminals from trying to dismantle the door once it is engaged.

Choose an Automated Doggy Door

There are special doors that can be controlled with the help of your pet's collar via an RFID chip that can be identified by the system inside the door's lock. In other words, once your dog will get close enough for the sensor to perceive its presence, the door will automatically open for them.

No extra hassle, no headache, no more worrying. You can bid goodbye to pesky insects and critters that are usually a huge doggy door security risk. They manage to find their way into any home through a dog door or any wall or floor crack they can find and seek shelter in your home, bringing in disease and germs.

You should also not have to worry about not being there to open the locking door for your beloved pet all day long. Let them decide when they want to go out or come back in and see them wagging their tail to express their complete happiness for letting them enjoy their freedom fully.

Choose A Smart Installation Spot For Your Doggy Dog

Another method of keeping intruders away is by installing the pet's door in a smart and safe location. Focus on a place that is more difficult to notice from the street so passers-by cannot glance at it every time they pass by your house. The back door is a good choice, especially if you have tall trees and greenery that can cover the backyard and the door to your house.

Set Up a “Beware of Big Dog” Sign in Your Driveway

You might be surprised to see just how many people tend to hesitate to approach a home that has such a sign on display. Not all burglars are willing to take the chance and see just how big and bad your dog is, so make sure to use this trick even though your dog may, in fact, be the tiniest, fluffiest and cutest dog on the planet. And a very good boy on top of all that.

Get in touch with us and schedule an appointment so we can assess your current dog door and decide if it needs any extra locks or fixes. Minimize the risk of intruders sneaking in through this extra entryway to your home.