New Lock Installations

Looking for reliable and affordable locksmiths to change your door locks? We provide new lock installations and replacements on all lock types.

Our homes are our biggest investments, our safe places of peace and comfort. To feel at home is to feel secure and at ease. But in order to really enjoy that feeling, we need to invest time and money to make our houses or flats truly safe. The first step to do that is to fit your home with good, reliable locks.

lock installationWe can help you install any of the following locks:

  • Front door locks
  • Garage door locks
  • Window locks
  • Car door locks
  • Motorcycle locks
  • Safe locks
  • High-tech office locks
  • Locks on sheds
  • Mailbox locks

Are you sure you can rely on your current locks in any situation? If for some reason you feel you might need new locks for any space in your home, car or office, contact our expert locksmith services and learn about your options.

New Lock Installation for Your Home

When looking to install new locks in your home, there are many options to choose from. Our professional locksmiths can help you figure out which locks are the best investment for you. You must take different factors into consideration, making the right security choice for your family and lifestyle. You may want a lock system that can be controlled by your smartphone, or you may need to consider getting a keypad installed, depending on how technically savvy you are and how many people need access to your house. Whatever the case, you can consult with our expert locksmiths, and let them assist you in making this decision.

Professional Lock Change for Your Office

Keeping your business secure is a necessity. If you need to have new locks installed for your office, whether due to a break in or move to a new office, our expert locksmiths can offer you a wide variety of security options for your business. Our lock installation service is top notch, and our locksmiths are all professional and experienced.lock replacements

When to Call our Lock Replacement Services for your Home or Office

New lock installation is the first step to improve your home security. You can also consider centralizing your locking options, so that all or some of the locks will work together, and you will be able to control them from one device. Wondering when it makes sense to change your locks?

These are our top 5 reasons to install a new lock:

Damaged Locks

There are many reasons one would want to replace a lock in your home office or vehicle. Some of them are pretty obvious and unquestionable. When your locks simply wore off and don’t work properly any more, it is sometimes more advisable and simply cheaper to replace them and not repair the old ones.

After a Break-In

In the unfortunate event of your house being broken into and the locks having been damaged, perhaps not just the front door locks, but really any type of lock, like window and garage door locks might need to be replaced. After a break-in, you should call upon our lock replacement services and have new locks installed as soon as possible in order to regain a sense of security and control.

Moving to a New Home

New lock installations or replacements should also be the first thing to do after moving into a new house. However usually, people have so much on their mind in these situations that they forget about basic security. Even if your real estate agency is absolutely reliable or the previous owners the most polite people you met, it is still necessary to get new locks installed.

You can never be sure how many copies of the keys are out there, and who might be able to get into your new home. This goes also for brand new buildings. Before you got to live or arrange your office there, many people must have had their keys - contractors, developer agencies, etc. It is definitely required to contact lock replacement services.

Looking For an Upgrade

Another reason to consider new locks installation is when you feel your locks are pretty old-fashioned and might not be providing the best protection for you and your home. It might be time to upgrade to stronger, more efficient locks that use modern technologies and materials available on the market now. There are various types of locks to choose from, and our locksmiths will be happy to help you with any advice you might need. So you can relax and enjoy the fresh start in your new home.

To Lower Your Insurance Premiums

It is also worth mentioning that having strong and reliable new locks can get you lower home insurance rates, which is good news for your long-term finances. And you can be sure that your insurer will examine all those locks very thoroughly, when assessing your house and calculating the insurance rates.

A lot of new house owners don’t get new locks, fearing it is a complicated and expensive. With our affordable, reliable and professional lock replacement services, the process will prove simple, quick and affordable.

Door Lock Installation

We provide a wide range of home locksmith services, from simple lock changing, new lock installations for all types of doors, windows, mailboxes or home safes, lock re-keying and much more. You can be sure that we will respond quickly, especially if your request is an emergency. Our team of fully bonded and insured technicians and locksmiths will come to your door to offer their skills, experience and high quality materials. We are skilled to change locks for metal, wooden or UPVC doors with a guarantee of not damaging even the most fragile, antique doors.

Front Door Lock Replacement

Our locksmiths can install all possible types of locks, including: the most common deadbolts, more advanced mortise deadlocks. Deadbolts and deadlocks are very common and they provide greater security than door knob locks. Mortise deadlocks are considered a bit more reliable, as you need to use the key both for locking an unlocking the bolt. Also, their construction tends to be stronger.

Hi-Tech Lock Changes

We also offer installations of high-tech locks. So if you are interested in more cutting-edge options, we are happy to provide. Our experts work with such solutions as numeric keypad locks, Bluetooth or mobile activated locks and fingerprint-operated locking systems. We offer smart locks installation, maintenance and repair, both by locksmiths and qualified electricians.

Affordable Lock Installation on all Lock Types

Before we start working, we always inform you about all the details of the procedure and pricing. It is important for us to know that you are sure and satisfied with the offer and that it is truly economically advantageous for you, considering your house type and financial needs. This way you don’t have to worry about getting a bill with extra costs after new locks are in place. We understand that changing your locks or door might be a costly investment. Our policy is professionalism and honesty. We will put all our efforts to give you the best assessment and locksmith service possible. We will install new locks, but also guide you through your home security needs from a professional point of view.

To get the lock services you need, give us a call today and we will be right over to help!


How long will it take for your technicians to get to my home, car, or business to change my locks?

Our technicians will arrive at your location between 15 and 30 minutes depending on how close we are to your home. Rest assured that each technician will stay in contact with you to give you an update on their whereabouts in proximity to your home.

Do I have to know what types of locks we have in our home in order to get service?

No. Our locksmiths can simply identify the type and brand by looking at your locks. We can help you to rectify any issues you might have taken into consideration your time schedule and your budget. We can also explain to you different options on the market based on what you already have and what you might need as a replacement or an upgrade. In fact, we can help tell you when you need new locks or help explain to you the different locks on the market so that you can choose what locks best fit your home or business needs. When undergoing a lock change we will explain everything before we complete the new lock installation on your home, car, or office.

We are trying to save money. Can I just buy a lock at the store and do it myself?

It is important to understand that the generic locks you buy at the store are identical copies. So imagine for one second that you purchase a lock and key from your local store but there are seven others on the shelf. That means seven other people will have the same key and lock system so if they wanted to learn how to pick it, they could. More importantly these locks are very low quality and might break easily. It is a better investment for you to call upon our professionals to install higher-quality locks such as locks that link to your smart phone or have special key codes and keyless entry systems.

How much does it cost to get my lock changed?

We offer a wide range of services and we will work with each of our customers to make sure that they can get services well within their budget. We will send you a flat rate quote before we arrive so that you understand what the baseline cost will be based on the service you require. Naturally, our locksmiths will go over the situation with you if things change during the process and additional services are required. For example, if you decide that you want copies of your keys, you want to create a master key, or damage has been done because of drilling and the locks need to be replaced entirely, we will discuss with you the extra cost.