Panic Push Bar Installation

A panic bar can be a real lifesaver- literally. Panic bars can be fixed to almost any door for your security, if you want to install a panic bar in your office, store, or restaurant, we can help you out. 

panic bar installation

Panic bars are the push bars installed on exit doors to allow quick exiting of building. There are several important aspects that must be taken into account when installing security panic bars. The typical panic bar features a straight or perpendicular bar for the user to push up against a push pad that disables the door lock with one swift movement. If you own a business or a public building our team can help you have a push panic bar installed.

Panic bars save lives and prevent injuries, which is why  many communal shops, schools, hospitals, and offices won’t pass inspection without first installing panic bars. A panic bar is designed to allow an exit point regardless of the lock system. If you don’t have a panic bar installed yet, and would like to have one put in, our Professional 24/7 locksmiths can install panic bars for your business to help you keep employees and patrons safe in case of an emergency.

Reasons for Installing Panic Bars:

  • For safety’s sake- To provide a greater safety level to crowded spaces.
  • Inexpensive security measure- Crash bars are a cheap and affordable way to control pedestrian traffic so that individuals can walk through outer leading doors, but must enter through a specific guarded door.
  • For legal reasons- The law dictates that building of a certain size and structure is fitted with panic bars on all doors.
  • Lowered insurance rates- By installing panic bars on doors, building owners can significantly lower the amount of annual insurance that they are required to spend.

Panic Bar Features

Panic bars can be installed on door frames of all types including stainless steel metal and aluminum framed doors that lead outdoors, with many options offering a selection of high-tech electronic and other complex security features. Many inner doors that use panic bars are protected in case of fire, whereas most outer leading doors are not fireproof.  The features you might seek from a panic bar will be determined by several things including:

  1. The number of occupants the area can hold
  2. How big the space is
  3. The height of your building
  4. Your budget.

These systems do require routine maintenance to prevent any tampering. The most important aspect of a panic bar is that it requires no special knowledge to use them. Panic bars can be especially useful when installed in retail stores and restaurants where someone may try to run out quickly of the back of the building carrying stolen merchandise or skip out on paying a bill.

    Professional Panic Bar Installation

    You need to be very careful when installing a push panic bar because it needs to be assembled and then installed as straight as possible when mounted to the door. Depending on the type of door that you plan on installing the panic bar on, it can be quite difficult to do, which could lead to a lot of frustration. If you want one of these bars to be mounted on your door, we’d be happy to assist you with the task.

    To have one of our specialists help you out, you can contact our office locksmith service and we will be more than thrilled to service your panic bar installation needs. When you call us, we will have someone come out and install the panic push bar for you so you don’t have to get your hands dirty or risk getting injured or frustrated in the process. We have fully trained and licensed locksmith technicians who are ready to help in any way possible.