The Most Advanced Home Security Solutions

Just as technological advances have impacted the way we work, drive and communicate, they have also greatly affected the kinds of security offered to us. While a standard dead bolt and turn lock are still common for most residences, high-tech locks are becoming more popular among businesses and now even homes. Here we will discuss the benefits and draw-backs of various types of advanced locking systems so you can decide if these locks may be right for you. 

Popular types of high-tech lockskey pad

  • Coded locks- Coded locking systems are great for homes or offices and offer the advantage of not requiring a key. Codes can be changed easily if necessary without having to be completely rekeyed, so they offer great flexibility. The one disadvantage is how easy it would be for someone to get into your home after learning your code, meaning that it's very important that you store the code in a safe place.
  • Key card access- Key card access locks are most commonly used for office buildings but can be installed anywhere. This system is able to work like a master lock system in that some may only have access to one door while others may have access to many. This is a very easy system to customize and change. It also has the capability to record which key cards have been used at certain times, providing you with a log of who has been in the building and when they were there. 
  • Remote control locks- Remote control locks work similarly to a the remote you would use to lock and unlock your car. Their main appeal is convenience and that you can lock and unlock your door without being right next to it. 
  • Biometric fingerprint locks- These are perhaps the most advanced of all the high-tech locks and work only with programmed fingerprints. This is the most customized kind of lock and clearly the most difficult one to breach. Because of their advanced technology, they can be one of the more expensive lock choices, but they may be right for what you need. 

Other features to consider

Alarm system installation- Our professionals also offer alarm system installation for the most optimum security for 

your home. Having a home security system in place is something we highly recommend. Not only do you have a security staff providing round the clock monitoring and response to your home, but an alarm system is one of the greatest deterrents to theft and stops many attempted break-ins.

security cameras

Security cameras- We can also help you install security cameras in strategic locations so that you have coverage of the most important areas of your home. Most security cameras store recently recorded footage for a few days so that if anything happens, you have evidence stored. Security cameras are also a great theft deterrent, and many thieves look for the when targeting residences. 

Smart phone applications- There are many applications available for your smart phone that allow you to access your security system from your phone. Depending on your needs, you can connect to your security camera to see live footage of your home, or even have access to locking and unlocking doors remotely. 

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