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Need a trasponder key replacement?

Transponder key repair or replacementTransponder car keys are one of the most reliable security features not only for cars, but all kinds of vehicles - motorbikes, commercial and industrial vehicles, any type that has ignition. They are often associated with high costs, and though sometimes this might prove true, there are ways to get and maintain your transponder keys without spending a lot of money.

If you are a car owner, you probably already use transponder car keys. This anti-theft system is very popular and proved to be one of the most efficient ways to eliminate or reduce car thefts.

Before we give you some details on how to maintain your transponder key and what services you might need, let’s take a look on how a transponder key actually works.

Transponder keys and How They Work

Transponder is a combination of transmission and response. A transponder key is a part of your car anti-theft system. It is a type of car key that uses electronic micro-chip or RFID tag (RFID stands for radio frequency identification transmitter) built into the head of the key. A code is programmed in that chip or tag communicates with the car. So when the key is placed in transmission, the car sends a signal and waits for the right programmed response in order to start. If the signals match, the ignition releases and you can start using your car.

Transponder keys are sometimes confused with remote keys, yet they are two different devices. Remote controlled keys can simply unlock and lock your car. They work independently from the transponder key, which operates by disarming the car’s immobiliser the moment the car key is put in the ignition lock. So the transponder key is responsible for starting up the engine. Hence, it is not enough for the potential thief to get inside the car, they would need to have this specially programmed key to start it. This is why transponder car key systems are considered most efficient security features.

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One of the most common failures of transponder keys when they don’t turn or don’t start the car when placed in the ignitions is connected to programming. Transponder key programming or reprogramming is one of the main services car locksmiths perform on transponder keys. If the electronic transponder code is a problem, specialist equipment and knowledge is needed to fix it. It might also happen that the problem is not in the key chip itself, but it is the ignition switch’s receiver that needs reprogramming. A trained locksmith will quickly examine the reasons and fix it. Usually, it is not a very complicated process for an expert and it can be done within minutes.

As with any other key type, it is always good to have a duplicate. Should your transponder key get stolen, lost or damaged, you will still be able to start your car with the replacement one. It is definitely easier for the locksmith to make a copy based on an existing key. Making a duplicate after the original key is lost or stolen is still possible and doable, however the process is far more complicated, it will take a lot more time and will definitely be more expensive. So perhaps it might be wiser to pay a smaller price now, than wait until it’s too late, the key is gone and the price gets more serious.We will take care of your transponder key

Another common reason why transponder key might need servicing stem from natural process of the key wearing off when used a lot. Transponder keys are electrical devices, so there might be a need for a battery replacement every now and then. Also, the key’s teeth or blade may be worn off and in need of repair. A locksmith can cut out a completely new metal key and match it with the chip casing. And if it is the chip that was damaged, you can have it replaced or reprogrammed as well.

If you have any of these (or other) problems with your transponder key, contact our car locksmith services. Whether your key is damaged and needs repair, replacement or programming, our professional team of locksmiths will do the job quickly and affordably. We work with any make or model of cars, motorbikes and commercial vehicles. There’s really almost nothing that can surprise us!

Advantages of Switching to a Transponder Key System

And if you don’t have a transponder car key yet, do consider switching to the system. It will lower the chances of your car or motorbike being stolen, and will give you more control and peace of mind. We can offer you assessment and provide with a quote before you decide to upgrade your vehicle keys. If you do, the process will be fast, convenient and at an affordable price. However, bear in mind that the costs cannot be too low, if you expect a professional transponder key service with high quality materials and programming. After all, these are computerized and centralized systems, it’s not jus about cutting out a new key in metal. But investing in security is always a good idea, and your car insurer will definitely agree on that and maybe even renegotiate your insurance terms.

Having your keys locked in your car can be a headache; but what about when you have your keys, but what if the transponder battery for the fob has died? This can actually create the same about of trouble. If you've been locked out of your car or need a remote reprogrammed or replaced, we are more than happy to help. However, here's some tips to avoiding any extra hassle and keeping your keys working properly. 

Trouble shooting: How to know if you're remote battery is dying.

Since replacing batteries in time is one of the easiest ways to keeping your keys working efficiently, the first step is to know when they'll need a new battery.

  • If you notice that you're remote's signal is losing strength, this may be your first sign. If you have to stand closer to your car to lock it than you used to, or hold it at a certain angle to engage, you know your signal has begun to weaken. 
  • If the light on your key fob does not come on every time you press the button, your battery probably doesn't have much time left. On the majority of remotes, there is a small red light that lights up when the button is pressed to let you know that the signal is being sent. When this light starts coming on only some of the times that you are pushing the buttons, it's time to replace your battery.
  • If it takes multiple clicks to lock or unlock your doors, you know your battery is about to die.

If Your Transponder Key Battery Dies: transponder key services

If you do need your transponder key reprogrammed or replaced, we can help with both of those things. And sometimes your vehicle's manufacturer will replace them depending on the kind of warranty you have. Transponder key programming is difficult to do without a professional, so we recommend calling someone as soon as possible.

Our professionals at 24/7 Locksmiths Near Me can help with anything from lockouts to rekeying to reprogramming and more. We provide reasonable locksmith rates for all locksmiths needs you have, quickly and efficiently.

Why Keep Replacement Batteries on Hand:

When a transponder key battery dies, the remote may need to be reprogrammed to communicate with the vehicle. A broken or dead transponder key will often activate an alarm in your vehicle if you locked your vehicle with the signal and then try to unlock or start it manually. In some cases, your transponder key may even need to be replaced. 

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