Preparing for Emergencies

one click security in case of a tornado It is important that you understand how to handle your home or business security during a braking or tornado emergency situation. Tornadoes and hurricanes provide an opportunity for homes and businesses to be burglarized. People typically leave in a hurry, often waiting around hoping that things will pass and then fleeing instantaneously when they realize the true nature of the emergency. When this happens people rarely take the time and care to make sure your home or office is the properly locked down. High tech security solutions like a one click house lockdown or a remote lockdown which can be controlled by your mobile phone can help in these situations. Having a remote control security system means that you can leave in a hurry but then still use your mobile phone to make sure your property is protected while at work on. It is important to call upon a professional locksmith emergency service long before tornado gets so you can set up these measures and have everything ready for if and when disaster strikes. It is equally important that you discuss the measures you want to implement with a locksmith before you do so. A good locksmith can help you find a system that will let you back into the home even if your electricity is out, something that typically happens for many days following a natural disaster like this. These simple things are often overlooked but they can make all the difference.

Finding tornado shelters after the warning siren

If there is a tornado about to hit your town, it makes sense that your first thoughts will focus on your home security but rather on your family. The problem though is that many families who are forced out of their homes during the tornado have been unpleasantly surprised when they go home and find their homes were the victims of theft. People who live in an area prone to tornadoes need to make sure that they have the best home security measures installed long before an emergency situation takes place.

Making a tornado emergency planTrack your home from a distance

If you live in a high risk area you need to take the appropriate measures. There are 17 million people who live in the area called “tornado alley”. The 17 million people need to be aware of the potential risks not just from the tornado itself but risks to your property from that. Tornado Alley spans over 500,000 mi.² and it crosses sections of eight different states all scattered throughout the High Plains area of the United States. If you are one of these people, you should not wait until it is too late. Start securing your home from burglars now. It is not a pleasant thought but there are people out there who will take advantage of emergency situations no matter what they are. These people will capitalize upon the chaos caused by a tornado and then wait until you have fled your home and break into your house once the tornado passes, long before you have returned. So what do you do?

What to do in a tornadoSet up alarms

Once you hear the warning sirens you generally have 13 minutes before the tornado hits. 13 minutes is not a great deal of time. You need to know where the closest shelters are and what the safest and fastest route is to reach them. But right before you leave your home and lead your possessions behind, check the locks and the security system so that everything that can be protected in your absence, is protected. Far too often burglars will realize when people hide in shelters and when their homes are defenseless. All they have to do is find the homes that are not very secure and thus present an easy target. In the city of Washington Ter., Utah, one family was displaced by a tornado and they returned after spending just a few days in a shelter to find that their home had been robbed. Certainly it is sad and infuriating to know the people will take advantage of these situations but it nonetheless remains your responsibility to take the appropriate actions to avoid such theft. Analysts have found that tornadoes actually increase crime rates. Officials in the town of Tuscaloosa found that after the tornado hit in April 2011, crime rates decreased significantly but burglary increased. When citizens were displaced, burglars were aware of how vulnerable homes and businesses were in the first few days following the natural disaster. You want to be prepared by taking precautions.

Taking precautions can help you to protect the valuables in your home and to make sure that your home or office is kept secure even in your absence. Protect your home now and you’re your valuables later. High quality services from a good locksmith can help address all of your house security needs or business security needs and turn it into a fortress. Complete security systems can be switched on from a central location so you have more time to get out of your home or office safely in emergency situations. You should get in touch with a representative from a local locksmith service sooner rather than later.

You certainly won’t regret that you took the time to be prepared by using 247 Locksmiths Near Me.