Things a Burglar Will Never Tell You

Burglars are not just thieves, but astute students of the environment. They know a lot about home security, so listen carefully to what they have to say.

When you want to learn something well, you learn it from the best.  When it comes to burglary, how criminals get in and out of people’s homes, and the things that make them most vulnerable to crime, the experts to listen are the criminals themselves.  Some former thieves have taken to educating people about how not to become an easy target, in the name of penance and giving back to society in a constructive fashion.

Whatever motivates their lesson sharing is not the issue, but rather, the fact that they are willing to share it and that there is indeed so much we can learn from them. Remember, burglars are not just thieves, but astute students of the environment.  They know a lot about home security and the lack thereof, so listen carefully to what they have to say.

Home Security From a Burglar’s Perspective

  • keeping your home secureAnyone who has been at their job for a long time knows, ideally, how to do it, the ins and outs of getting tasks done, and the right people to speak to, in order to meet their goals. You might think that this is true only for the corporate or business world when in fact, it is true for all fields, including, believe it or not, burglars and criminals.  We are fortunate to gain from their knowledge, so read, listen, and take heed.
  • Not that you should be fearful of every fix it guy and repairman that comes to your home, but know that often times the folks who do burgle your home have already been there! Be mindful of overly friendly repairmen, those who wander throughout the house seemingly taking a wrong turn as they return to where they were working, as well as folks who ask to use your bathroom.  Though going to the bathroom is certainly a normal request, for some, it is their way of scouting out your prized belongings. Additionally, bathroom windows can be unlocked by a would-be thief and be completely unnoticed by you or the other residents in your home. That makes for an ingenious plan that is both effective and ultimately, downright terrifying.
  • A buildup of newspapers on your lawn or letters bursting out of your mailbox let burglars know that you are not home. Other giveaways to the fact that you are not around? The absence of footprints in the snow or mud leading to and from your front door, empty garbage cans on any side of your home, and lights that are off at night.  These are all telltale signs that you are not home, have not been home for a number of days, and that breaking in will be relatively quick and painless for the burglar.
  • Just because you do not like being out in bad weather, does not mean that burglars feel the same.  Rain, snow, and other types of inclement weather may distract you from being as focused as you ought to be with, for example,  locking your doors and windows. Often, the assumption is, ‘Who would be outside in this, anyway?’ A hint: Folks who do not care about being rained on if they will be able to get at your stuff.
  • Social media is a blessing to so many for a variety of reasons. For thieves and criminals, it is a gift on a silver platter. You see, you may be looking forward to that upcoming cruise you worked hard for and saved up to enjoy, but if a burglar knows about that trip because they read your multiple posts about it, they will want you to leave your house and enjoy it, too.  Do not leave your whereabouts, particularly those that indicate that you are not home, on a public social media forum. That is the equivalent of handing over your house keys to a thief.

Theft Deterrents That Work

  • It seems like there are pitfalls and ways to get to access into and around your home no matter what you do or where you look.  And because burglars are not only good at their craft but work hard to perfect it, how in the world are you supposed to be able to keep them out of your home and away from your stuff?  Once again, the best way to get these answers is from a burglar who knows.
  • Keep your alarms engaged, doors locked, windows secured, and blinds closed ESPECIALLY during the day.  The thought that thieves prefer to break and enter at night is a fallacy. In fact, prime time hours for theft are during the late morning and early afternoon. Most people are at work or running errands during these times and this makes it less likely for burglars to interface with the residents of the home they are robbing.theft prevention
  • Window treatments should remain closed at all times. Burglars can see directly into your home if you leave the blinds or shades open, allowing them to “window shop” in your house!
  • Lock your doors.  It seems so simple, but a large amount of people just do not do it.  It is the easiest point of entry for burglars and the very least we can do is make breaking in a challenge.
  • Use locks that are sturdy, strong, and resistant to damage.  Burglars do not like to play with or pick at locks that are complicated or difficult to bypass.  
  • If you are going on a trip, ask your neighbor to collect your mail or have your mail held at the post office. Also, ask neighbors to throw some of their garbage into your bins so it looks like you are using them.

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