Our Honda Locksmith Service

Honda locksmithAre you have a problem with your Honda key or ignition? Our Honda car locksmith specialists can be there in 30min to get you back on the road!

Honda continues to be one of the top selling automobiles in the world. Hondas are known for their affordability, reliability and all around great quality. They last for years! Even if you have an engine capable of running 300,000 plus miles, sometimes other parts break down over time.

What most people don't realize is what gets used most is not the engine, the tires or even the doors, but the key! And not only that, we often just throw our keys down in random places, drop them, or just generally expose them to the elements. As time goes on, this can either damage the key, the ignition or both. Whether you are having problems with any element of your car's security system, we can help you solve it. From door locks to alarm systems to transponders, we know what it takes to get you back on the road.

Honda Car Locksmith Problems 

There are many different ways that you might find yourself in this situation. You turn and turn the key and maybe it just doesn't work. Or there is some other problem. Below is a list of the most common reasons why Honday key replacement might be necessary: 

  • Broken or damaged key
  • Faulty Ignition 
  • Alarm Malfunction
  • Dead Car battery
  • Electronics Issues
  • Door or trunk lock failure

Why You Need a Honda Locksmith

Even if you have a very old model, Hondas are known for having complex key and ignition systems. This has always been one of the highest selling points. Additionally, there are considerable variations between models and even with the model year. For example, there may be some seriously different ignitiion components between 1995 and 1996 Honda Accords. We work on all makes, years, and models of Hondas from trucks to cars to motorbikes and everything in between.

Here are some of the models we service:Honda Motorcycle

  • Accord
  • Civic 
  • CR-V
  • Odyssey
  • WR-V
  • Ridgeline
  • HR-V
  • Insight
  • Pilot
  • CR-Z
  • Fit
  • FCX Clarity
  • S2000

Not only do we work on these models, but we also can service any Acura or other Honda brands. Our car locksmith services can match whatever your needs are.

Honda Key Replacement vs. Repair

Depending on the severity of the issue, we may either have to replace the key or just repair it. Generally old keys warp over time and get bent out of shape. This causes damage within the ignition. So the first thing we can do is diagnose the problem. If the key fits in the ignition and it turns, there can be a variety of issues. Do not keep trying to start the car! If things do not work after the second or third try, then sit back and call our locksmith services who can solve your problem as quickly and cheaply as posible. 

This is where people generally make the biggest mistake. The try to use some wacky Internet solution to solve the issue. Think about this, your car's security system is designed to deter theft. There is a reason why car thefts have plummetted over the last twenty years--because ignitions and keys are getting more and more complex. Whatever Youtube lifehack video you may be watching, is most likely just going to waste your time and possibly cause more damage. 

The Honda Locksmith Advantage 

Honda TechnicianA general locksmith is great. They can solve home lock issues, copy keys, replace locks and give you advice on what to do to improve your home's security. There are two problems you may run into, however. First of all, they are generally only open normal business hours and most of the time, you have to actually go to there shop to get something done. All that is fine, but it can very hard to get your car to a shop when you can't move it anywhere. 

In addition, as mentioned, Hondas have very sophisticated locking mechanisms. A general locksmith willl not have the tools and, even more importantly, the experience required for the job. Our Honda car locksmiths have years of experience and the exact tools necessary to diagnose and solve any problem you might be experiencing. 

Mobile Honda Locksmiths

Our Honda locksmiths are mobile. They can meet you anytime, anywhere. And they have the tools to work on even the most sophisticated keys. These days, most Hondas are equipped with transponders and other layers of security so nobody can just copy your key and drive off. Our locksmiths have specialized access to the Honda key transponder database so they can reprogram or recreate any key from the first Hondas that rolled off the assembly line to the latest, greatest and most state of the art models that are just coming out now. 

At the end of the day, time saved is also money saved. Our locksmiths can arrive within thirty minutes. That means no missed meetings, classes or any other problem. You can get back on the road quickly and get on with the rest of your day or night. No worrying about waiting around for tow trucks in the middle of nowhere. We meet you and get the job done on the spot even including complete Honda key replacement. And we can even make you a couple extra copies just in case you need them!

Contact us now so you can get back to your schedule!