The Pitfalls Of Windowed Doors

Thinking of installing a glass door? Find out what are the most common security risks of windowed doors in your home and what you can do to prevent them.

While windowed doors are becoming more and more popular in people's homes as they are an excellent choice in terms of décor, however, not everyone is aware of the potential drawbacks they come with. Glass doors can create a modern-day look in any home thanks to their beautiful aesthetics. Installation, on the other hand, topped by their difficult maintenance and vulnerable security turn them into less than ideal solutions.

If you are still pondering the decision to buy glass sliding doors for your patio or balcony, these next few ideas should put things into better perspective.

Why Sliding Doors Might Not Be The Best Ideasliding door

  • They are expensive. Compared to their classic, wooden counterparts, glass doors cost more and they can do a number on your budget. Opting for low-quality glass means opening the gates to extra costs for future repair jobs or replacement.

  • Extreme weather issues. Living in a stormy region or a place where there is a lot of heavy frosts means having to think twice before investing in a glass door. Consider the enhanced risk of such a door shattering in extremely high or low temperatures.

  • Security risks. While it is possible to fit locks on glass patio or French doors, you might discover they are not equally sturdy compared to a latch that can be drilled into a door made of wood. Glass is, therefore, a genuine liability factor in terms of home security. Potential intruders and burglars will have a much easier time making their way into a home with at least one windowed door. Plus, passers-by and neighborhood burglars lurking around your property on the look for their next victim could get a more detailed inventory of the valuables you have laying around the house. Nightlock patio door locks, double bolt locks or even smart locks with keypad or fingerprint access are all good security solutions for windowed doors. Make sure an expert locksmith handles the installation and maintenance for best results and zero problems.

  • Maintenance problems. A glass door needs extra maintenance work compared to a regular door. Water stains, fingerprints and dirt streaks are all part of the hassle. Small children running around the house with dirty hands and pets discovering glass is their new favorite Popsicle are just a few of the immediate “threats” you will have to deal with.

  • No matter if it's freezing cold, windy or frost, these windowed doors need proper cleaning and periodical maintenance. It's not just the doors that require cleaning; frames also need to be accurately maintained for smooth sliding and efficient door opening. Steer clear from any signs of rust or warping, as they could prevent you from opening the door. You could be also witnessing a home settling phenomenon that could be stopping you from using your glass patio door the right way. Glass doors can also become worn-out in time, and you might be forced to have them replaced every 15 years. If you notice even the smallest crack on a windowed door, you should have the door replaced straight away to avoid unfortunate incidents.

Why Are Windowed Doors A Good Idea?

Glass sliding doors have considerably improved their design and functions during recent years. Today, they come with motorized blinds or thermal insulation to ensure higher levels of comfort and convenience. They add a chic look to any home design thanks to the transparency factor. They offer a clear view of both sides of the door, which makes showcasing the décor more interesting.

Natural Lightglass door

Windowed doors are also an excellent source for natural light, with proven benefits to our health. When they are closed, these doors allow plenty of sunlight to get it. By adding a screen to the exterior, you can continue to enjoy the outdoor breeze hassle-free.

More Space

Sliding glass doors are excellent for larger doorways as they allow you to easily move large furniture through them. External hinges are replaced by the sliding tracks which will eliminate the risk of damaging your items when moving them in and out of the house. A track on a sliding door can be replaced rather easily and it is considered to be a much more useful solution for a home.

Windowed doors will also make it look like your home is bigger than it truly is. Glass lets more light penetrate your home and creates the illusion of bigger spaces. On the other hand, an opaque door made of natural or dark-colored wood will trigger the opposite result.

A patio door made of glass will also help you get rid of the in and out swinging motion of regular doors. This means saving extra space that will add more comfort to your home. Since the door will be moving in the same line as the sliding rail, these alternatives are suitable for smaller homes.

Better Insulation

These doors are also known to have a smaller glass-to-frame ratio, which means your home will be better insulated during hot summer days. Adding double-glazed panes will provide you with even more insulation. You can save on your electricity bills as well since you will be using a lot more natural light throughout the day. Exterior screens placed on one side will let the wind flow through and cut your A/C costs while keeping pesky bugs at bay.

Homeowners struggling to show their eco-friendly side every chance they get will also appreciate the fact that these windowed doors are more environmentally-friendly since they are made of glass and metal. Plus, by applying a special coating to a glass door for more safety, you will also keep pollutants away. Volatile Organic Compound layers, for example, will help you prevent pollutants from getting inside your home.

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