What to Do When a Child Is Locked In The Car

Child in a safety car seatThere is nothing scarier than when you realize your child is locked in the car and you cannot get to them. The thoughts about how to get to get the child out of the car race through your head and you are in a panic. It is not bad enough we hear all the stories on the news about parents who have forgotten their child in an automobile and the horrific endings many of these stories have. If you have lived through having your kids locked in the car and no way to get to them is a good enough reason to be panicked.

Children and Keys

It is a known fact that children love to play with our car keys. And, there are times when many of us let our children hold the keys while we are loading the vehicle. The problem is that many times the parent does not think about the consequences of letting them play with the keys. In the year 2015 it was estimated that seven children a day had accidently gotten locked in a vehicle. The numbers that are represented are those mishaps that happen in the United States alone. Imagine if there was a study completed with the averages of children accidently locked in cars the world over? One can only imagine that the numbers would be high.

Having your child locked in a car on a sweltering day can be life threatening. Hold onto your keys when loading the vehicle that your children are in. There are plenty of companies that manufacture and sell play keys for children of all ages. Having a child locked in the car accidently is not a pleasant experience no matter time of the year it is. Learning from others can be a valuable experience!

A few pointers when you have your children with you on car trips.

  • Never let them hold the keys.
  • Invest in a set of play keys.
  • Never ever let your children play with the car keys while in the vehicle.
  • Never close all the doors on the vehicle with a child inside.
  • Leave a window open enough so that you can get your hand inside if the doors accidently lock.
  • Keep a spare set of keys at home and make sure they are where you can find them when needed.

Child Locks and Your Vehicle

Most of the newer vehicles on the market have child locks installed on the doors. As scary as it is when your child locks themselves the vehicle, it is just as scary if your child opens a door while the vehicle is moving. If you have a child and they are in a car seat and accidently lock the doors, there is no way for them to be able to unlock the door.

even older children can get locked in the carChildren and Car Safety

There have been too many deaths of children from either accidently being left in a car or locking the car while the parent or caregiver does not have the keys. There are a few steps that you can take to be sure your children are never left in a vehicle accidently.

  1. Look before you lock your vehicle. Get into the habit of opening the back door of your vehicle before leaving the vehicle. Even if your children are not with you still open the back door and check. You will want to do this whenever you are exiting your vehicle so that it becomes habit. Reminders can be left in the back seat so that you will remember to do this each time. Leave your cellphone in the backseat if this will help you to remember. Place a large stuffed animal in the child seat.
  2. Keep the vehicle locked always. Never leave a child near a vehicle unattended even for a minute. Children are fast and can slip into a vehicle quickly without you seeing it.
  3. When your children are with you on errands make sure to use as many drive-thrus as possible. This will save time and your children are safe with you in the vehicle.

Kids Locked in Car

It is important to have a game plan if your children ever do become locked in a vehicle. One of the best plans is to have the number of a locksmith saved in your phone or on paper. The last thing you want to be doing is trying to find a locksmith while your child is trapped. Now is the time to get a locksmith that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Emergency Locksmiths

Our fast emergency locksmiths are available when you need them. With our locksmiths there is no wait time and in the case of a child being locked in an automobile we also dispatch a rescue to be on the safe side. Not only do we dispatch emergency personnel, all our locksmiths are certified first aid practitioners.

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