Security Tips For A New Home

Recently moved into a new house? Your new home security might be the last thing on your mind right now, but it should be one of the first things you do.

The thrills and excitement of moving into a new home - or maybe even your first home – are hard to put into words. It's a personal and unique experience for everyone and it is definitely a time of great celebration. However, it is also an equally stressful process because of all of the moving logistics, packing and need to say goodbye to your old life in your previous home.

Needless to say, having the current set of locks on your new home changed or at least re-keyed is rarely on anyone's mind. With so many boxes lying on the floor, waiting to be unpacked and all the decorations and new furniture you still need to buy, locks are probably the last expenses on your list.

They should, however, turn into your top priority. After all what good will all the new decorations do if someone will break into your home (using an old spare key) the next day after settling in? It's really impossible to know who still has copies of the keys to your new home and what kind of grudge they may hold against the previous owners. It is best to avoid being caught in the middle of some crazy vendetta between ex-spouses or lovers and generally make sure you are well-protected against potential intruders with the help of sturdy locks and top home security systems.

Have The Old Locks Assessed By A Pro

residential locksmithIf you are not sure whether the current locks on your new home can provide you with high levels of security, they are worn-out, faulty, tend to get jammed or are simply outdated, you should call an authorized locksmith. Unless you have experience working with home lock systems, chances are you will be completely clueless in terms of industry grading, sturdiness features, inner components, door and lock compatibility and so on.

A trained locksmith who works with residential locks every day as part of his job requirements will immediately identify the make and model of a lock and have it checked for any signs of faults and malfunction. More often than not, it's the small, almost inconspicuous issues that only a trained eye can spot that could be causing a lock to stop working the right way.

Change Or Upgrade Locks On Antique Homes

Antique homes have a charm of their own, but they oftentimes come with the original sets of locks, and they are almost always outdated and no longer complying with the state or federal requirements. An authorized locksmith will recommend the best solutions in case you would like to still use the vintage door to knows and parts of the old locks into your new lock system.

Plus, if you would like to upgrade all of the old locks and step into the future with some biometric, electronic or smart locks, you will definitely need the guidance and practical help provided by a lock technician.

Lower Home Insurance With New Home Security Locks

Moving into a new home also usually means getting new home insurance. You can potentially lower the insurance premium by installing the insurance company's preferred locks, alarm systems, and other security measures.

Get More Peace Of Mind At Night

new home security locksmith near meUltimately, changing or re-keying the locks on your new home will help you sleep better at night, knowing none of the previous owners will continue to have unrestricted access to your home. A good locksmith will help you decide whether you should simply re-key the old locks, provided they are high-quality locks in good working condition, or if you should have brand new locks installed for enhanced protection.

Maybe you would like to keep an eye on your new home even when you are away, or while the kids are home and you are still at work or stuck in a traffic jam. Smart locks that can be connected t a smartphone and controlled 24/7 from any location are becoming more popular. The 24/7 Locksmiths Near Me team is here to assist you with your every need. We can recommend the most suitable, reliable and affordable solutions to match your budget. While smart locks might not be difficult to install, they do require a minimum level of knowledge and skill, plus, when attached to old deadbolts, the hand of a lock technician could make all the difference.

Get New Garage Security Locks

A new home usually means a new garage as well. Make sure you do not forget about this important part of the house, especially if the garage is separated from your house through a door that locks. Assess the integrity and efficiency of the locks on the garage door, as well as the automated garage door opener and have them replaced or fixed in case of issues.

Beef Up Security On Windows

If you have recently moved into a house, the windows should also receive the necessary security treatment for enhanced protection. Security bars or grills are an excellent idea and they can be easily fitted by our team of residential locksmiths. While you could try a DIY project on your own, we would advise against it, as the risk of potentially damaging the glass and frames of your windows or inuring yourself is high. You could also consider opting for small-keyed locks with sensors that will go off or send alerts on your phone in case someone attempts to make their way into your home using this entryway.

Call A Reputable Local Locksmith Service

The best way to handle your new home security is to get in touch with a reputable local locksmith company like ours. Get in touch with us, schedule an appointment and let us handle everything for you.