3 Tips To Prevent Losing Your Car Keys

Find out a few useful tricks on how to prevent losing your car keys and getting locked out of your car. From smart key finders to simple hooks, see what works for you.

Car keys are some of the most common car-related items that get easily lost, misplaced or stolen. When this occurs, owners are confronted with even more headache-causing issues: car lockouts which can cause someone to be late to work or an important meeting, or for picking kids up from school, and the list goes on. We have grown to be dependent on our cars and we use them as our favorite, fastest and most convenient means of transportation from point A to point B.

If you tend to lose small items ar misplace your things, you have every chance of eventually losing the keys to your car, if you haven't done it already. To come to your help, here are a few tested tricks that should help you at least lower the risk of the dreaded event from happening.

Tip #1: Prevention Is Key (Pun Intended)car key rack

Good prevention measures will considerably lower the risk of losing your keys again. Here is what you can do:

  • Select a special spot where you can store your keys whenever you are home. Hang a key hook in your entranceway, for example, this is an excellent place as it is easily and immediately visible from the second you set foot inside the house. Instead of placing your keys inside a bag or a purse and not truly knowing if they are in there or not, you can use a key rack, a hook, a key tray or a transparent bowl.

  • Practice putting your keys in the same place whenever you walk into the house, every day, every time, no exceptions. It will eventually become a habit that you will not need to think about. You will no longer wonder where you've left your keys when you are in a hurry to get out of the house first thing in the morning.

  • Also, find a place where you can safely store your keys when you are not at home. Figure out which bag, purse, wallet or phone case you tend to carry on you all the time and see if you can find a secluded pocked you can use to hide your key. Zipper, interior pockets inside bags and briefcases are a good idea. Avoid using key rings tied to your bags, on the exterior. These are open invitations to potential thieves and pickpockets.

  • Bulky accessories that glow in the dark might also be a good idea if you tend to be more forgetful when it comes to your car keys and you need to travel a lot at night.

Tip #2: Why You Need A Key Ring

A separate car key fob or car key you carry around from one pocket to the other, from the glove compartment to your wallet is not a good approach. You could easily drop, misplace, lose, or have the key stolen without even realizing it. A single, small key is easy to misplace and ignore, while a handful of bulky, loud, metal keys will always draw your attention when dropped to the ground or left behind on a restaurant table.

Tip #3: Use Key Finders And Smart Appssmart key finder

Keep in mind you can also rely on the more advanced Key Finder solutions that feature remote controls and special key rings that will stop you from ever losing your car keys again. This car key loss prevention tip is interesting for gadget lovers who are eager to try out new “toys”. All you need to do is push the button on the remote and listen to your keys beeping in the distance, in case you suspect you've lost or misplaced them. There are also special app trackers for car keys that can be easily downloaded on a smartphone and attached to the key fob and enabled. If you happen to lose your keys while such a system is in place, you will need to tap on the tracker app on your phone and let it rapidly locate your keys on a map.

Bluetooth-based GPS key finders that can also be used as phone locators enable you to never lose anything again. You can attach the finder to a number of different objects and immediately locate them on a map once they go missing. While the goal is to never lose your car keys again, this technology helps you find things once they've gone missing.

For extra security, have a spare set of keys ready to use somewhere easily accessible. It could be at the office, beneath your favorite garden gnome, or with your most reliable neighbors. Any location you can rapidly reach to retrieve your spare set of car keys will work just as good.

Finally, practice mindfulness and learn how to stay in the present and focus on everything you are doing without letting your mind wander endlessly. Learn how to be more organized and make a habit of putting things back where they belong. It will help you in the long run in ways you didn't think were possible.

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