Pool Security Locks - How To Keep Your Pool Area Safe

No matter how fun and exciting private pools may be in the summer, they are still one of the major hazards around your home. Ranging from trespassers looking to have some fun late at night when everyone is asleep to vandals and kids walking into the pool area without adult supervision, there is no telling what kind of trouble a pool could attract. That is if it is not properly secured with the help of pool security locks and additional protection measures.

Pool Security LocksLuckily, there are top security systems that warn homeowners in real-time about any intruders and children or pets wandering into the pool perimeter without your consent. Keep enjoying your fun time at the pool and do not let anything ruin your experience. These next few tips should teach you how to avoid an unfortunate tragedy while turning safety into a priority this summer.

Do A Full Lockdown Of The Pool Perimeter

Do you wish to keep your kids who cannot swim or potential neighborhood thieves away from your pool? Lock it up! It's really that easy, but the secret is to know exactly which locks would work best for your pool area.

There are specialized locksets that cater to the diversified needs of pool owners looking to beef up pool security. These are a few of the most reliable, efficient and highly recommended models to have a look at:

Magnetic Locks For Pool Fences And Gates

These locks are excellent for securing any fence or gate placed around a pool. They are extremely convenient as they latch automatically and can be opened hands-free. If you spend our summers bringing in refreshments to your pool party guests, your hands are probably busy carrying trays of lemonade and tasty sandwiches all day long. You should, however, still be able to effectively lock and unlock the pool gate every time. A magnetic lock can be manipulated with something as simple as a hip move. It is also possible to attach a keyless lock to this model, for more peace of mind.

Keypad Deadbolt Locks

This lock is a model that does not require a physical key as it relies on a deadbolt lever that can be used together with a keypad placed on both sides of the gate. The lock is heavier compared to other models but it can also withstand break-in attempts a lot better compared to keyed locks. The same access code needs to be used on both sides of the gate. It is a good choice in terms of humidity and temperature-resistant locks, which is well-suitable given its placement.

Twist Locks For Gates

This is a stainless steel model of a lock that can be easily fitted on top of a gate placed around a pool. The lock automatically opens when pressing and twisting it. It is an excellent solution for households with small children who cannot swim and who tend to sneak into the pool when no one is watching. The device is also a good security measure against burglars wandering around, looking for their next target. The lockset comes with its own set of hinges and can also be used together with a key. Suitable for small to large gate sizes.

Push-button Locks For Swimming Pool Gates

Users can unlock both sides of the gate around their swimming pool similarly to a keyless deadbolt lock. A double-sided model that can withstand bad weather conditions and which requires an entry code for access on both sides of the gate is a good investment.

Make sure your young kids who are not allowed to use the pool without your consent and physical presence cannot get a hold of the keys and access codes needed to unlock the swimming pool gate.

Alarms For Enhanced Pool Safety

Top security in the swimming pool area requires the use of a reliable alarm system alongside a good choice of locks. You do not only need to focus on keeping potential intruders away, but you also need to worry about your children's safety and make sure there is no way they can wander off into the water without your consent.

Here are a few top alarm choices for swimming pools that you should take into consideration:

Poolguard Inground Alarms With Sensors

These alarms can be effectively installed on the side of a pool without causing any disruptions in swimming or using the pool. It cannot be de-activated once it has been properly fitted and it will remain in ready mode. It is a tamper-proof alarm that will sound when someone will attempt to remove it from the pool. The alarm must be removed from the water and set to sleep mode in order to use the pool without sounding the alarm. The system comes with a remote receiver that covers a 200 ft. area and features a 12-volt supply. Make sure you get a model that does not sound any false alarms caused by wind or toys getting into the water.
The electric sensors will measure the flow of the water and its specific movement and determine if someone has entered the pool or they are standing in the vicinity of the pool. Anything over 18 pounds that reaches the water will automatically trigger the house and pool alarms. Check out a few extra features you could use together with this model for enhanced protection.

Swimming Pool Patrol Alarm Systems

These alarms can accurately detect any movement inside the pool and they can be adjusted in such a way so they do not sound any false alarms. They can detect people and items over 15 pounds and can be successfully fitted in any pool without having to alter the structure of the pool.

Safety comes first! Make sure you enjoy fun and cool summers by the pool with the help of top swimming pool locks and alarms our locksmith experts can recommend and install for you.