Security Issues When Buying An Older Home

Ready to buy an old home? Get ready to handle a few security issues related to the worn-out locks and obsolete home security system, if there even is one.

Old homes come with a distinct charm that is difficult to put into words. Unless you've personally set foot inside an antique home that was built a few centuries ago, you might have a difficult time understanding what makes so many people hunt down these real estate jewels. The original woodwork, the marble tile in the bathroom, the amazingly well-preserved oak floors, antique decorations and original Oriental carpets handed down from generation to generation – it's a number of things that make these homes so appreciated and loved.

Unfortunately, they also come with a series of flaws and drawbacks, mostly related to worn-out construction elements, pipelines, electrical panels, and security features. This does not mean that it is impossible to feel – and be – safe inside an older house. You just need some guidance and a reliable team of locksmiths at your disposal.

What Could Be Wrong With An Old Home?

Old homes usually come with a number of problems, ranging from obsolete alarm systems that haven't been updated in years to weakened window frames or rusty safety grills, broken locks and faulty garage door openers.

The Wiring Or Home Alarms Is Outdated

family safety in a new homeOutdated control panels, old wiring and faulty alarm systems that haven't been replaced in years could all jeopardize the safety of a recently bought old home. In other words, you will fail to receive alerts in real-time, which will prevent you from taking the necessary measures in case of a break-in. Because of old wires that are prone to crack over the years, you may also deal with false alarms in the middle of the night or the complete lack of alarms.

Buying a house with a landline usually means potential burglars will get easier access into your home since they can cut the old wires and act inconspicuously.

Another problem with old homes and their obsolete alarm systems is the fact that these systems do not comply with the current state and federal laws. We are also talking about fire and smoke detectors. One of your first concerns when moving into an old home should, therefore, be related to upgrading the existing alarm system. Wireless alarms that can be controlled from a remote distance with the help of a smartphone are an excellent solution.

The Window Frames Are Too Weak

While they might look interesting and vintage, old window frames are usually too weak to withstand the force that a potential home intruder might use to break into your home. Along with doors, windows are the preferred entryways that burglars use when trying to make their way into a home. This is especially true about ground-floor windows in damp areas where the sun does not reach. The wooden frames there are prone to weaken over the years, and the lack of safety grills will increase the risk of burglary attempts.

Old homes also come with thin glass windows that will also make property criminals' work a lot simpler. You are advised to have these windows upgraded and the thin glass replaced with casement windows that can be manipulated with the help of a crank from the inside. They are sturdier in the hands of intruders and they are also more durable in time.

Weakened window frames should also be replaced with modern-day frames that can withstand extreme weather conditions or prolonged exposure to dampness and the sun a lot easier. Some old homes come with metal casement windows, which are prone to rust over the years and lose their functionality. While the windows may come with a sliding chain lock across the opening, it might be best to completely replace the frames. Keep in mind the window security field is extremely generous. You could talk to an experienced locksmith and figure out if you should have a small keyed lock installed or a more advanced cam-action lock with sensors that will immediately alert you whenever someone might try to sneak in through a window.

You could also look into swivel-action locks that work well with double-hung windows. If you are not sure which solution to opt for, get in touch with an expert locksmith for homes and have them recommend the smartest choices for your exact needs. Each home is different and comes with its unique security vulnerabilities. Knowing how to handle each of them the right way should ensure extra security and more peace of mind.

The Front Or Back Door Lock Is Faulty

It is not uncommon for an old home to come with a broken or jammed lock on the front or back door. While the old residents might have gotten used to the quirks of using a lock that gets stuck unless it is manipulated in a certain way, the same lock could cause you a lot of discomfort and inconvenience. The very first things you will need to do as a fresh homeowner of an old house is to get in touch with a local locksmith and have them assess your locks and recommend the best replacement solutions.

  • A deadbolt lock is one of the most popular solutions as it provides a high level of security and guaranteed potential burglars are going to have a more difficult time finding their way into your home.

  • A smart lock that can be controlled with the help of a smartphone will bring in more convenience thanks to the remote control function. It also allows you to grant temporary access to guests, delivery services, servicemen or family members.

  • A keypad access lock will let you lock and unlock your door by tapping a unique access code or using an access card.

For more help deciding upon the best security solutions for your old home, get in touch with us and schedule an appointment.