The Most Secure Cars On The Market

Car safety is a factor you must consider before purchasing a car. Tests are done yearly on all cars to detect which ones meet today's safety and security standards. Car manufacturers invest millions of dollars to improve the safety features of their cars in order to make the cut. Below we have compiled a list of 2019's safest cars for you.

If you plan on buying a car in the near future, you should consider one factor that oftentimes gets ignored by most drivers: car safety. Most of today's modern cars can effectively handle and even prevent crashes thanks to the advanced technology incorporated in them. This means that if you're planning on investing in a more recent car, you will most likely come across a vehicle that should keep you and your passengers safe and sound. However, you may have a harder time choosing the right car for your needs, since there are so many excellent vehicles out there.

Electronic stability programs and anti-lock brakes have become mandatory features on all new cars. Options such as warning systems for lane departure have also been gaining more ground during recent years. If you would like to know which cars incorporate all of these features and other additional ones for enhanced protection, these next few lines should help you out.

Top Institute For Highway Safety Picks For 2019car safety

The Institute for Highway Safety is the number one body that tests the safety of cars that can be found on the market at the moment. If you are familiar with crash test videos for cars, you can probably guess the kind of work this Institute does. It is the hallmark for car safety in the United States and Canada. In order for a vehicle to qualify for their Top Safety Pick, it has to accumulate Good ratings in a series of areas, including the small overlap front in the driver's side, the strength of the roof, and during head restraint testing. It should also score Good/Acceptable on the overlap front testing on the passenger's side. Plus, the rating can only be earned if an Advanced/Superior rating is given for the prevention for front crashes.

Keep in mind that a lot of times the basic models of the vehicles rated by the Institute are not worthy of the merits since the ratings were given to the models featuring extra options for higher price tags. Make sure you know exactly what you are about to buy and ask questions about extra options that could enhance your protection when behind the wheel.

Almost 60 Models Qualified For The 2019 Top Safety Pick

Fifty-seven cars, part of an elite group of vehicles, managed to win good ratings in the five other crash-related testing and assessments. They all featured automatic emergency braking solutions that were either rated advanced or superior when it comes to preventing front collisions.

One of the main differences between this year's rating criteria and last year's ratings is, as follows: the Institute now requires a good rating in the small overlap front test on the passenger's side, as opposed to an acceptable/good rating in 2018. In other words, the IIHS has again raised the bar for cars competing for the Top Safety Pick+ award. There is a continuous criterion strengthening process meant to stimulate car manufacturers to develop superior safety protection in case of crashes. The emphasis falls on automatic emergency braking systems meant to prevent collision and quality headlights that give drivers confidence when driving in the dark.

The 2019 Honda Insight is one of the latest rated cars by the IIHS. It has received the 2018 Top Safety Pick+ rating recently, so it is definitely a secure car worth taking into consideration if you are shopping for a new vehicle and you happen to be in love with the brand. The model is derived from the Civic, which has an electric option returning to the market after a four-year leave. The cabin of the vehicle is excellent during collision testing, as it cuts the risk of passenger injuries. The airbags proved to be quick to deploy, limiting the dummies' movement during the tests.

The 2019 Acura RDX is a redesigned model of the luxury SUV, so if you are already familiar with it, you can rest assured you are also going to love this edition. Passenger safety features scored well during crash simulations. The car received Good ratings for the board area, as well as its headlights. The vehicle scored the highest possible on the Crash Avoidance and Mitigation tests.

The 2019 Kia Sorento scored better than its 2018 counterpart, with headlight performance ratings aiding the overall score. The model received the Superior rating for the Crash Avoidance and Mitigation test and a Good rating for the small overlap front crash test.

The 2019 Honda Pilot managed to score higher than its previous year model. It also received the Top Safety Pick+ rating and recorded a Superior result at the end of the Crash Avoidance and Mitigation test. In other words, it is yet another good option if you're looking to invest in a new car at the moment.

The Future Is Bright

Out of all the assessed vehicles by the IIHS, 20 car manufacturers pledged to install all passenger vehicles with auto brake systems by the year 2022. This is excellent news for drivers who will be in the market for new cars in the upcoming years. Set up a budget and consult your regular car mechanic or an authorized locksmith service so you can make the best decision possible.

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