Tools A Locksmith Uses On Site

Whether you are a relatively new locksmith, or you are a homeowner curious to know a thing or two about locksmith tools, these next lines should be helpful. Locksmiths use an impressive number of tools in order to assist customers with various needs, some simpler and some more complex. The tools they need vary depending on the job they are hired to do.

locksmith toolsWhile a rookie can rely on a handful of tools at first, as the business grows and people's demands get more complicated, they will eventually need to invest in even more tools and gear. Knowing what to expect is one step toward making good business decisions.

Slim Jims For Older Cars

A good locksmith that works 24/7 and answers emergency lockout calls should always carry a Slim Jim. This is a tool that is excellent for unlocking older lock models. There are still plenty of people who drive older vehicles, as well as passionate collectors who cannot see themselves ever letting go of their beloved cars. Locksmiths should always carry this tool on them so they can perform damage-free car unlocks.

Code Machines For Transponder Keys

Modern cars usually feature transponder keys that are required to start the ignition. They rely on code machines that can generate the correct protocols and they are also excellent means of beefing up security on a car. Insurance companies are also known to lower the costs of their policies when transponder keys are used. Locksmiths must carry code machines on them so they can generate new codes when needed.

Key Cutters, Tags, and Towers

Locksmiths need to be able to cut new keys when needed and also organize keys that feature key cutters with at least 5 or 6 different ones. Drawers, tags or towers are good organizational solutions that will help locksmiths keep their keys well organized all the time. Cutter wheels, manual, semi-automatic or tubular key cutters all need a place of their own, and these organizers are excellent solutions.

Key Making Gear to Cater to All Types of Locks

Besides pins and pick sets, locksmiths also need to carry and use various types of locks that can be used by commercial customers, including electronic or biometric models. ILCO key making machines are some of the most popular types of tools used during apprenticeship and other forms of training. If you are seeking a career in the field, you should learn all about them first, as you will most likely need to use them often.

Key Blanks – A Must in the Field

Key blanks are standard tools used by locksmiths in the trade. They belong to various categories:

  • Residential key blanks – at least 6 different options

  • Commercial key blanks – at least 10 different brands

  • Automotive key blanks used for domestic and international cars

Air Wedges For Fast Car Unlocking

Air wedges are some of the easiest tools locksmiths can use during car lockout emergencies. They cause zero damages to the vehicle and they can instantly enable drivers to get back behind the wheel. There are also multipurpose inflatable wedges that simplify holding doors and appliances in place when lock installation is needed.

Lock Picking Tools locksmith tools

Lock picking tools enable lock technicians to open most types of locks, ranging from cylinder to tubular locks, mortise, deadbolt or cylinder locks, and padlocks. Most lock pick sets come with lock picks, extractors and tension tools, including credit card pick sets and practice padlocks featuring see-through mechanism, training locks featuring keys and printed manuals or eBooks.

Drills For Replacing Locks

Drills are great tools used for replacing locks that have suffered irreparable damage. The same goes for ignition cylinders that have been damaged as a result of an attempted break-in. Screwdrivers are also often times used in relation to drills for similar purposes and uses.

Key Extractors For Broken Keys In Locks

Keys are affected by repetitive use over the years and they can eventually break inside locks or ignition switches. When this occurs, it is best to rely on the professional help of expert locksmiths who can use special key extractors to ensure hassle-free solutions. It is important for a locksmith to be able to remove broken key pieces from a lock without causing any damage to the door.

Key Gauges For Duplication Services

Key gauges are another common tool used by locksmiths that help them cut duplicate keys for homes or cars, make new keys for master lock systems and decode electronic locks when needed.

Inspection Lights

Well-trained locksmiths know they should always carry inspection lights on them so they can move around in darker areas or find small pieces of keys, locks or code numbers. Broken keys inside car ignition switches also require the use of these inspection lights.

Some of the least known or used locksmith tools are Jack Knife Picks used for picking locks. They resemble Swiss knives and they are small in size. They are used by amateur locksmiths and they are also one of home burglars' favorite tools of choice. Tubular lock picks are used to pick tubular types of locks that have been introduced to the market in recent years.

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