Install A Top Apartment Alarm Security Systems

Apartments security is important for your safety. Whether you own or rent, apartments are easily robbed if you do not install a solid apartment alarm system.

There are many perks of living in a big city but you should take into account apartment security and how to make sure that you are safe. If you have cheap apartment locks then you might end up being a victim of burglary and theft, and nobody wants that, right? You should seriously think about apartment alarm system of good quality that would not betray you. In this article we are going to take a look at different kinds of apartment locksmith services that our 24/7 residential locksmith services can provide.

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How is Apartment Security Different from House Security?

When you have your own house then it is easy to install the type of security system you want to, but it is a different story with apartments. First you need to be aware of your neighborhood and research it thoroughly. If you are buying a new apartment then you will save yourself from trouble if you research the crime rates in your neighborhood and is it worthy to move there at all.

There are three steps that you should consider before moving to a new apartment or after moving in it.

  1. The Building Security is the first. You need to research your building beforehand in order to see how safe it is. If this building has a doorman who keeps an eye on the entrance and if the residents are the only ones who have the keys to the entrance – then that means it is quite safe. It is even better if the building has an intercom system that can be linked to the video surveillance, just in case. The elevator should have the same. You can check all of these steps with the building supervisor.
  2. The Floor Security is the second step. If the floor you are staying on has a rotating video camera and if the floor is bright enough then that is a huge plus. You would not want to return home by walking through a dark and creepy corridor. Another important thing to consider is the fire escape – does it have a locking system? It should have at least a push bar. You should also be aware of who your neighbors are and consider if you would be able to recognize them by face if you meet them.
  3. The Personal Apartment Security is the third and most important step that we are going to talk about here. If you have just moved in your new apartment, you must change the locks because who knows who lived before you and if they have the copy of your keys. There are also other things to consider such as: your apartment should have a peephole, a swing or chain lock, the modern security lock or an alarm system etc. Also, if you are living on the ground floor your windows should be secured as well.

Tips on How to Reduce the Risk of a Break-In

Now let’s take a look at some tips on how to reduce the risk of getting robbed in your own apartment. Some of these can be very useful:

  • Deadbolts are a great investment. If you do not own your apartment then you should ask your apartment manager to provide you with a deadbolt. If not, then you can go for a chain lock which is better than nothing. However, if the renting manager refuses, then you should definitely invest in it yourself.
  • Hinges can be dangerous if they’re on the outside so you should use setscrews in order to make sure that the hinges are secured. Bedsides them you can also try out safety studs and fast-riveted pins.
  • Strike plates are usually the metal plates that can be found on your door frame. If they are old then they are most likely worn out and unsafe which means that a thief can bring them down easily. Invest in a better plate so your door can be stronger and safer.
  • Intercom systems have been used for the last 20 years and the older the building, the older the system, it is usually like this. However, this is considered the first line of defense in case someone targets your apartment. The tenants should make sure that the intercom is maintained regularly otherwise people can start leaving their doors unlocked.
  • Peepholes may seem silly but they are essential. You never know who is behind your door so you should make sure to check that you recognize the person.
  • Alarm systems can come in handy and scare the possible thieves. They can also save your apartment by drawing the attention of your neighbors who can call the police.
  • Surveillance cameras are expensive but they are worth it especially if you can store the footage. It can be a major deterrent.

When it comes to windows, you should…

  • Find a device called Doberman. This is an alarm device that goes off if your window breaks or to be more precise, if someone tries to break in through a window. It works by detecting big vibrations so you should always keep it turned on.
  • You should also avoid having windows (or the apartment) on the side where trees and shrubbery are near your windows because a thief can use it to break in.
  • You can also install a rod on the tracks of your windows. The same can be applied to sliding glass doors.

As we said, it is important to lock your door and buy a security system. Which one do you use?