Home Security Assessments Can Lower Your Insurance Rates

Even if you think you live in a relatively safe and quiet neighborhood with no major tribulations, the truth is there is no telling when your home might fall victim to a burglar. The statistics are disturbing and they speak of a home being burglarized every 15 seconds. In other words, you could never be too safe or careful.

If someone does manage to get inside your home and take off with some of your prized possessions, you have the right to file a claim as a homeowner. Your insurance company, however, also has the right to increase your premium in a case where your home keeps getting broken into and burglarized. A home security system could help you keep potential burglars at bay, as most property criminals are easily deterred by these security solutions. The same goes for a sturdy, more expensive deadbolt lock on the entryways.

Kill Two Birds With One Stone

If you are ready to have your home assessed for any security vulnerabilities and update your security system, you could also manage to lower your insurance rates. A home that is protected with the help of the latest technologies in the industry and devices or locks approved by your insurance company is also likely to be charged lower insurance. Just make sure to first get in touch with your designated insurance agent and find out which locks and alarm systems they prefer as part of their policy of lowering premiums.

Assess Your Locks and Fit Powerful Locksets on Your Entryway Doors

Home Security Assessments Can Lower Your Insurance RatesIf you think you can personally inspect the state of your locks, do it as soon as possible. If you notice any glitches or faults with them, or you are not sure whether they can provide you with the maximum level of security you can afford, hire a professional locksmith for assessment services.

Have the keys, hinges and frames checked for problems as well. Repair or replace what requires fixing and opt for sturdier deadbolt locks. These are usually the preferred types of locks any insurance company will ask from you. Keep in mind your back and any side doors will also need to be protected with the same lock sets. To make sure you will not risk jeopardizing the integrity and correct installation of your locks, let an authorized locksmith handle the job for you. Any incorrect installation error could cause you to lose a potential insurance claim in case someone does manage to break into your home and steal something from you.

Opt for a deadbolt lock that features a bolt that is at least one inch. The bolt needs to be fitted in the door jam, together with the corresponding strike plates that should be secured with the help of 3-inch screws.

Once you know for sure you have installed the most reliable locks on your home, have them constantly inspected by authorized lock technicians.

Install and Assess Your Alarm Systems for Increased Home Security

An alarm system is another powerful deterrent against home burglars. It can keep intruders away while giving you the peace of mind you are looking for. Alarms can also affect the size of your insurance premium, with the mention that you will also need to talk to your insurance company first and make sure that you will be making the right purchasing decision.

Remember to periodically assess the state of your alarm systems during your periodical home security assessments. Expect a 10 to 15% discount for installing an alarm system for fire and burglary risks. Other insurers will reward their clients for installing automatic sprinkler systems and smoke alarms or any other device that can enhance the security on your home.

Boost Security On Your Garage

Do not ignore this area of your property and install monitoring cameras, preferably wireless cameras with movement sensors, sensor lights and sturdy locks on the door separating your home from your garage. Get a system that sends push notifications to your phone in case of intrusion.

Periodically inspect your garage locks and alarms and make sure they are working fine, otherwise, they will render their purpose useless.

Check Your Outdoor Lights

No neighborhood thief wishes to be in the spotlight while trying to kick open your front door and get inside your house. Throwing sensor lights on them in the middle of the night will scare intruders off and send them away. Outdoor lights can limit the shadows that property criminals might use as hiding spots.

Remember to check your sensor lights at least once a week to make sure they are working fine and replace any broken or faulty sensors as soon as you notice them. A licensed locksmith like the technicians in our team could give you a hand here. They are readily prepared to inspect, replace, fix or install new sensor alarms with lights.

Do Periodical Checkups On Your Windows

Window bars and window grills are some of the most efficient means of keeping potential intruders at bay. Small-keyed locks and sensor alarms can also strengthen security on your windows while sending the message that your home is properly cared for.

Home security is a sensitive topic that cannot be handled without the care and attention it requires. Get in touch with our professional team of locksmiths today, schedule a home assessment and find out just where you stand and what you can do to beef up security on your property and lower your insurance rates.