Disturbing Car Theft Statistics All Drivers Must Know

Read on about the disturbing car theft statistics affecting all of us on a daily basis. Find out which cars get stolen the most and which are the best to have to avoid this happening to you.

Unless you have been living under a rock so far, you must know that car theft is a real, palpable problem driver all around the country are dealing with every year. Statistics are worrisome and they mention thousands of cars being reported stolen in the US alone because their owners have forgotten to take the keys out when parking. If this scenario sounds all-too-familiar to you, it is time you did something about it.

Aren't Today's Cars Supposed To Be Safer?

Yes, it is true that the amazing technology advents that the car manufacturing industry has embraced during recent years have contributed to a drop in the number of cars getting stolen. However, while we enjoy the many wonderful benefits of smart or electronic locks, we continue to leave the keys in the ignition, lock the doors or engage the alarm. It's more a matter of human error than technology failure, even though we cannot fully rely on today's advanced technologies to work flawlessly every time.

Drivers' Complacency, Our Biggest Problem?

Car Theft StatisticsCar owners in Alaska, Albuquerque or New Mexico need to be more likely to have their cars stolen than drivers in other parts of the country. It is a matter of bad luck or irresponsible car owner behavior? According to data from the National Insurance Crime Bureau, they are dealing with high numbers of car theft, but not as much as California, the ultimate leader during the last few years. Vehicle theft totals up to 800,000 victims a year, and while statistics show a drop in the number of property crimes, the figures are equally disturbing.

Drivers who are not aware of their surroundings when parking their cars or who accidentally forget their keys inside the ignition or the car when parking is more prone to fall victim to thieves. We live in a stressful world and with hectic jobs, demanding family chores and quality times we are struggling to squeeze in, it's only natural to make mistakes. Also, forgetting to service your vehicle on time or handle any small lock issues as soon as you notice them can also contribute to more vulnerable security systems on your vehicle. In other words, an open invitation for potential car thieves lurking around your neighborhood.

Do Smart Car Lock Technologies Work?

Shortly put, yes, as long as they are used properly. Smart locks and smart keys enable drivers to enjoy safer cars, according to data from the National Highway Safety Association. When a car thief notices a lock marked or an engine immobilizer marked with a smart technology logo, they will be more easily deterred. “jobs”. Also, cars with highly visible GPS systems are less likely to be stolen.

Again, it is critical for drivers to never, for any reason, leave their keys behind inside the ignition switch or on the driver's seat. A keyless entry system or engine starter will make drivers pay less attention to what they are doing when exiting their car or starting the engine. It is essential to always double-check you have your keys on you whenever you are ready to exit your vehicle, even if it is for running a quick errand.

The Most Stolen Cars Statistics

Honda is one of the preferred car brands that most thieves apparently prefer. The Japanese manufacturer has been crowned the most stolen car of the year for several years, with Honda Civic being reported stolen more than 45,000 times a year in the US alone. Honda Accord is also looking bad and ranking second with 44,000 vehicles stolen. However, we do have some good news for Honda lovers. Newer Honda models seem to be more difficult to steal, as older models are mainly targeted on a yearly basis. If you are driving an older model, the news is not as reassuring for you. However, there are things you could do to beef up security on your vehicle. Getting in touch with an expert Honda locksmith like the 24/7 Locksmith team is a good way to get started.

Unfortunately, Chevrolet fans won't receive better news either. For example, Chevrolet Pickup also seems to be a part of the most stolen car statistics. Official FBI statistics speak about a decrease in the number of property crimes between 1992 and 2016. The National Insurance Crime Bureau talks about one vehicle being stolen every six and a half minutes. That's close to 160 cars being stolen every day somewhere in the country. With 6 in 10 Americans who own a car saying they rarely or never think their car could be stolen and close to half of all car owners not parking in well-lit and secure areas every time, the car theft statistics are easy to explain. Moreover, 4 out of 10 owners are not concerned enough about someone breaking into their vehicle so they hide away their most valuable possessions when parking. With one-third of people into the habit of leaving the engine on while running quick errands, there is no surprise that so many cars get broken into and stolen every year.

How To Prevent Car Theft

  • Upgrade your car security system and use high-security locks or smart locks and keys, if possible. A good locksmith should be able to recommend the most reliable solutions that should guarantee higher levels of protection.

  • Have your car locks and key fobs be periodically inspected for potential faults and signs of malfunction and have them immediately fixed, no delays.

  • Always lock your vehicle and engage the alarm when parking.

  • Choose well-lit parking spaces, if possible with surveillance and security guards.

  • Always park in your garage and never leave your car in the driveway when at home.

  • Use GPS systems so you can locate your car in case it gets stolen and the vehicle identification number is changed.

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