Choose a Lock that Suits Your Needs

The exact lock you need has never been so available to purchase, or as confusing to select. With so many options to choose from, a little knowledge can go a long way in helping you make a good decision about which lock to pick.  

Various buildings and homes have various security needs, so there are plenty of choices when considering the type of lock that is best for you. Here’s a list of the most common types of locks and what they do:Mortise lock

Dead bolt lock – For home security, this type of lock is about the best, because it is the most secure option for exterior doors in homes. Dead-bolt locks are cylinders installed inside of a door and come in three types: single, double and lockable thumb-turn. The single is the most common; it has a key-slot for entry on the outside, and a thumb-turn for locking on the inside. The only problem with these is if you have a glass door or window nearby; a thief can break the glass and reach the thumb-turn. A double dead bolt solves this problem by requiring a key for the inside as well as the outside. But doubles are not good for emergency exits, because they require the key. A lockable thumb-turn is a sort of hybrid between the two. It has a thumb-turn With a key lock on the inside, providing the option of a regular thumb-turn when people are at home, and locking from the inside when away from home. One thing to consider when buying a dead-bolt lock is the strike plate. It is the little piece of metal on the door frame that the bolt goes into. The bigger and stronger the strike plate, the better.

Door-knob lock – Most homes have these, too, and offices use them for interior doors. For external doors, they should be supported by a dead bolt.  Installed inside the knob, the door-knob lock uses a latch bolt which springs into the strike plate upon closing. Most door-knob locks use a thumb turn for locking and unlocking from the inside, and a key-slot for the outside.

Versatile, Stylish, and Dependable Locks

Mortise lock - These are kind of modernized versions of the old locks that opened with a skeleton key. They are used on commercial doors and sometimes apartment doors. The locking mechanism is inside the door and sometimes uses a latch and dead bolt, activated by a knob, keyhole or thumb press.

Lever handle locks – These are similar to door-knob locks, but have the added advantage of easy opening. Many office buildings and institutions use these because they are more accessible for handicapped people. But they have become more popular in homes.

Cam locks – These are lower security interior locks used for file cabinets. They use a cylinder or cam, which is connected to a tailpiece that secures the opening.

There are a number of lower grade locks for cabinets, furniture, gates and garages. At 24/7 Locksmiths Near Me, we can give you advice for the best hardware for your particular situation. Give us a call for sound suggestions on all of your security needs.