The Best Lock Brands For 2019

Find out what are the best lock brands you could opt for right now. Ranging from Kwikset, Yale or Schlage, there are lots of good options out there. 

The fast-evolving security and locksmithing industries have gone through impressive changes during recent years. Today's homeowners and company managers need to figure out what are the most efficient property protection solutions they can use to keep their properties, families, and employees safe. In other words, they want to be put back in control of their property. This is where the greatest lock manufacturers come into the picture. Their advanced research has allowed them to develop a series of innovative, powerful, high-security locks that can cater to the evolving needs of customers in the most effective way possible.

If you are currently interested in coming across some sturdy locks built with excellent craftsmanship, some of the best locks at a global level are what you are looking for. Names like Kwikset, Yale or Schlage are just a few of the most important players on the market. To come to your help, here is a list of the best door lock brands for home and office needs.

Top Brands Of Locks

  • Schlage
  • Kwikset
  • Yale
  • Baldwin
  • Mul-T-Lock
  • Medeco
  • and others

Kwikset Locks – Residential Lock Leaders

Kwikset is one of the leaders in terms of residential locks. They have been on the market for more than seven decades, and their main secret for success is the hard work they allocate to understanding the needs of their customers. Their many different styles and finishes have caught the interest of millions of people all over the globe. Their latest SmartKey solutions include deadbolts, electronic locks (the pioneers on the market), as well as entry-combination locks that require no keys. One decade ago, the brand launched the SmartKey re-key technology that became available in keyed-entry products, completely revolutionizing residential security. Their technology allows homeowners to stay protected against lock picking and lock bumping attempts while letting them re-key their own locks if they happen to lose or misplace a key.

Kwikset is also much appreciated for their touchpad electronic deadbolts that can be used together with home automation and advanced security systems for enhanced protection. The brand offers high-quality, reliable products on top of advanced lock bumping solutions, appealing designs, and affordable prices.

Yale Locks, Some Of The Most Reputable Locks In The Industry

As one of the most famous international lock brand that millions of people have put their trust in, Yale provides top home and office security solutions. This brand relies on a motto according to which freedom makes us rich, while fear makes us poor. In other words, we should be able to feel safe in order to be truly free, whether at home or at work. Yale is part of the ASSA ABLOY Brand, and it considers itself to be the world’s favorite lock. The high quality of Yale locks, their excellent design and the use of some of the most recent technologies turns them into some of the most powerful security products on the market. Many people consider Yale locks flawless, and for good reason. Their custom colors and unique finishes are nowhere to be found in other brands.

Their electronic lock solutions are a sign of the brand keeping up with the latest trends. Yale has successfully developed a series of smart locks and security devices that enable enhanced control, monitoring, and home security options. Ranging from Smart Door Locks, Smart Alarms and even Digital Door Viewers, the Smart Living line of products can definitely help you step into the future.

Schlage Locks, High-Grade International Locks

The world-famous and highly-acclaimed Walter Schlage brand is one of the industry leaders thanks to their high-grade lock solutions. Everything from deadbolts to handlesets and electronic locks is part of this giant's solutions. All Schlage locks are built using premium metal that ensures their strength and high integrity. Plus, the electronic and mechanical deadbolts feature plated keys and they come in a rich selection of styles and finishes. Installation can be completed within just a few minutes, with the help of just one tool. All products have a Limited Lifetime Warranty, which speaks volumes in terms of durability.

Light commercial grade deadbolt locks are excellent for residential use. They can be found in the single/double cylinder format and they are also sold as smart deadlocks. The fingerprint-resistant screens they incorporate and the fact that they can be tied to smartphones make them even more popular in 2019.

The Schlage Sense Smart deadbolt model is by far one of the smartest and most powerful smart locks that use Bluetooth. They also come in slim formats and they are extremely easy to program. They are compatible with any type of smart home technology and they are able to effectively store up to 100 different access codes. You can even share access to your home or office with the help of the Schlage Sense Smart sharing option. As long as your guests have compatible fobs or smartphones on them, you can create unique access codes for them and have them deleted once the leave the premises.

Schlage was founded in 1920 and their impressively talented craftsmen and inventive in-house experts are only surpassed by their amazing designers. Even today, after nearly a century of existence, the brand continues to shine like a fiery beacon in the industry.

Medeco Locks, Pioneering Solutions For 50 Years

For almost five decades, Medeco locks have been successfully offered top security solutions to millions of homeowners and business people all over the world. Medeco manufactures its locks in the United States in Salem, Virginia and they mainly specialize in high-security locks. You can expect high-quality materials and keys that cannot be copied without valid IDs and Medeco cards. These cards are issues when a new lock is bought.

Medeco is a brand popular among military facilities, as well as educational institutions, hospitals, and banks. Their top quality modern locks that offer superior levels of control, safety and protection have turned the company into one of the best lock brands on the planet. They are also part of ASSA ABLOY, which has been ranked one of the leading lock brands on the globe.

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