The Best Home Security Systems

home security systems in 2017We all want to be safe in our homes and we want our valuables safe when we are away from the house for work or vacation. For those who have been burglarized, you know how scary it is and how you feel violated that someone was in your home while you were not there.

Interested in getting one of the best home security systems that are available on the market? Here are a few of the best home security 2017 reviews. With technology the way it is now, you can control pretty much everything from your smartphone including your homes lights, pet feeders, unlock and lock doors, and even the heat. The same applies for your home security system. Depending on what type of security coverage you want, there are alarm systems that are monitored 24/7 or you can monitor the alarm system yourself. With the option of professional monitoring in case of an emergency the fire department and police will be notified automatically.

Smart Home Security Systems

There are several security systems that can be used with your smartphone. These home alarm systems can be operated right from your smartphone and are very easy to run. Users love the fact that they can run the systems without having to get to the touch pads located in the home.

comprehensive home security alarm systemDIY or Professional Installation

The question when researching home security systems is do you want to install it or do you want a professional service to install the alarm system? The choice is solely up to the homeowner. Most homeowners who choose to perform their own installation do so because they are on a tight budget. Most of the DIY alarm system are easy to configure and install and can be purchased as kits. If your security needs grow you normally have the option of purchasing additional components.

The less expensive DIY security alarm systems will not allow as many additions as the more expensive ones. The cheaper alarms systems may only allow one or two protocols that are wireless while the more expensive system will be allowing for multiple wireless protocols.

Many of the DIY alarm systems are made for self-monitoring and what this means is that you will be alerted when the system is tripped or goes off. When you are alerted that the system is going off it is up to you to notify the police and fire departments.

With professionally monitored systems, the alarm company will first try to notify you. If the company is not able to contact you, they will call both the police and fire departments. Professional alarm monitoring companies are good, but they can be quite expensive. Often, you will have to sign a multiyear contract and if the contract is broken it can cost you a lot of money. Be sure that you know what the contract involves, how long, and what happens if you break the contract. There is no need to pay extra money if you do not need to.

smart phone controlled home security The Best Home Security Systems

  1. ADT- ADT takes the top position when it comes to home security systems. Most of us have heard of this company and they are good at what they do. This company has been around for more than a century and is the oldest when it comes to this niche. ADT has more subscribers than any other alarm business out there. Want people to know your home is protected? Put one of their signs on your front lawn. ADT alarm systems require professional installation.
  2. SimpliSafe- This is an alarm system that you can install and monitor on your own. This system has a flash drive that allows you to change the systems settings when you deem necessary. The system allows for arming and disarming with a simple key fob. The only thing that is not included in the starter kit is a camera, but you can purchase one separately to go with the system. This is one of the best DIY alarm systems available on the market this year.
  3. SkyLinkNet- Allows for self-monitoring for free. This system uses IFTTT to combine your home security with your other smart home electronics. This system is easy to install, and it is very affordable compared to the other systems that have been tested. This system is very easy to run and is child friendly. This is a great system for those homeowners that have children that are coming home while the parents are still at work.

Home Security with Professional Help

The best security systems are both professional installation and DIY systems. Because you choose to purchase a DIY system, there are still experts available to help with both installation and repair services. Our professional residential locksmith services are available to help you with your home security system 24/7. There are times when people need the services of a residential service and should not have to pay prices that are not affordable.

If you are having trouble with your home security system even after troubleshooting the system, we are available to help. 24/7 Locksmiths Near Me has technicians nationwide that are available to help anytime of the day or night.

DIY home security alarm systems can also be installed by our professionals at an affordable price.