5 Smart Tips To Avoid Locksmith Scams

Locksmith scams are becoming more and more prevalent; Scams can be avoided with a few simple tips; this article will reveal a few of the most efficient of them.

Have you ever walked out of the house at 6 in the morning to grab the paper and hear the door slamming shut behind you? With no one else inside the house to let you back in and no keys in your hand, all you're left to do is scratch your head and figure out a quick way in.

If you were inspired enough to leave a spare set of keys with one of your trustworthy neighbors, they could give you the easy fix you need. If this is not the case, you are left making a call to a local locksmith that handles emergency lockouts and cross your fingers for a skilled and reliable technician to show up in a few minutes.

While this type of a problem is stressful enough, just imagine having to deal with a horror locksmith situation; where a locksmith shows up,  gives you a decent quote, picks your lock and doubles the price when they are about to leave. Or drills a hole into your front door by accident, in a failed attempt of picking a lock they claim to be too complex for their regular tools.

Here are a few useful tips that should help you avoid locksmith scams and teach you how to only hire honest technicians.

Tip #1: Only Hire Certified Locksmiths

Locksmiths who have gone through official licensing procedures and have received their work credentials from industry bodies such as the Associated Locksmiths of America or the Master Locksmith Association of America are your best bet to avoid scams. These technicians have not only obtained their necessary credentials through exams they've passed and courses they've completed, but they are also obliged to continue their education and improve their skills periodically. If you want someone to handle the installation of fresh sets of locks on your home or you need help with changing the combination on a stuck home safe, it's these people you should focus on. The last thing you need is a neighborhood handyman presenting himself as a locksmith handling your locks, keys and alarm systems.

Never put yourself, your loved ones and your prized possessions at risk. There are lots of reliable authorized and licensed locksmiths out there; all you need to do is spend a few minutes doing some research or ask for references from reliable people. If you are currently in need of emergency help with an accidentally locked door, 24/7 Locksmith Near Me is ready to assist you with top-quality, licensed services.

Plus, by hiring a certified locksmith service you will also get to benefit from a variety of additional security services. Today's locksmiths have turned into genuine security consultants that can help you shop for smart or classic locks suitable for the type of doors you have on your property, your gates and mailboxes, garages and bathroom cabinets. They also work with advanced technology and can perform hi-tech upgrades and repairs for extra security and more peace of mind.

Tip #2: Only Hire Real Companies With Real Names

Another important tip to consider is to pay great attention to the way a company's customer support service answers the phone. If they use a generic name, you are probably talking to a call center that will receive your request and sub-contract the job to a local locksmith. While they do manage to cover all geographical areas, you may want to focus on calling a local service instead. They might be able to reach you sooner since they are closer to you and know all the streets and neighborhoods better than a locksmith driving from a distance.

Depending on the state of urgency of your locksmith problem, you may or may not choose to opt for one of these conglomerate companies. If you come across licensed, insured and authorized locksmiths in your state and you read lots of positive reviews on them, you are probably good to go.

#3: Ask For Written Estimates

To avoid any money scams, always ask for an estimate over the phone or via email. Make sure you provide all the necessary details concerning your lock or key problem so the estimate you receive is as realistic and as accurate as possible. The type of lock you have on your home door or the make and model of your car and any lock serial numbers should help.

Once you receive your quote, ask for a written form of the estimate – via email or at the site, once the locksmith arrives and prior to them starting the work. If they refuse to give you an estimate for whatever reason, they are either not skilled enough to get the job done the right way, or they have criminal intentions. Either way, stay away from them and look for a different service for extra peace of mind.

Tip #4: Have A Witness

If you need to change the locks on your home or have a locksmith pick the locks on your car and help you get back in, it is best to be accompanied by a friend or neighbor you trust. Con-artists and scammers might feel discouraged to try to overcharge you or try to scam you in any way if there is a witness at the scene.

Tip #5: Ask For Proof Of Insurance

All reputable lock technicians should be glad to provide you with this proof. Plus, keep in mind your own homeowner's insurance probably has a separate clause regarding the locks and security systems they prefer. A licensed and experienced locksmith will most likely be on the same list of company insurance requirements. Do not risk invalidating your insurance in case of burglary by hiring a locksmith you never took the time to research. Always double check with your insurance agent if the locksmith service you want to use will receive their approval and ask for proof of insurance/bonding for more security.

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