Access Control Systems For Offices

Do you need to restrict access to your home or office? In this case, you need an Access Control System, These are electronic systems that are designed to restrict access to a place or other resources and that are controlled through the network.

During the last few decades, access control systems have turned more complex and efficient. Nowadays, we use this term to refer to electronic access systems that rely on computers. These electronic systems use a card to allow access to an otherwise restricted area, replacing the stainless steel key.

Today we are going to reveal to you a few of the most relevant characteristics of these electronic access control systems that use card systems and help you see why they could be a good choice in terms of office security.

The Use Of Access Control Systems

Simply put, these systems are normally used to control entry into a building's exterior doors. However, it is not uncommon to use these systems to manage access to the internal doors of the same building as well.

The main reason why these access control systems are used is to offer fast and easy access to authorized people while disabling access for people who are not allowed to enter a certain restricted area. Think in terms of office buildings, warehouses, military facilities, hospitals, schools or medical laboratories and their need to limit visitors' access to sensitive areas.

What Is An Access Control System Made Of?

access control systemsThere are many different types of access control systems, some more complex than others, but the installation of each of them depends on your specific needs. The majority of card-based systems are made of a few basic components, including:

  • Card readers. These are devices that read access cards using electricity. You can find them in their insertion form or the proximity model. They are usually installed on the exterior side of a door.

  • Access cards are regarded as electronic kets and they are used by individuals to get access to a location via a secured door with the help of an access control system. All of these cards are encoded with unique codes and they have the same size as standard credit cards.

  • Keypads used by access control systems. They can be used individually or together with card readers and they feature numeric keys that resemble the keys found on phones with touch-tones.

  • Access control keypads require a person who wishes to be granted access to dial the right numeric code and also use an access card.

  • Intelligent controllers must be installed in each building where the system is in place. They bring together all card readers and lock hardware and they process the access control throughout the entire building.

  • Electric lock hardware is used to lock and unlock the doors controlled by the system. The hardware includes everything from electric strikes to exit devices and locks.

  • Server computers are the main power behind these access control systems and they play the role of the primary database for the system. The server records all related activity and shares all needed data information to the panels.

Installation And Management

Installation or set-up for access control systems is usually performed by the vendor on the system. Once completed, the security coordinator becomes responsible for daily supervising the system. Often times, before the system is officially used, the security coordinator must define the software the system will use. This is done with the help of the host computer and it encompasses the establishment of a series of parameters that must be met.

Card validation for each access card must be done so that the system can know for which doors each individual card should be used, while also defining the permitted timeframe for the access. These privileges can be defined in a number of different ways, according to the specific needs of the managers. With the help of clearance codes, the security coordinator can predefine the desired access privileges. This way, the codes can be designed to an endless number of cards and be given names in the form of brief descriptions.

Door Status Monitoring Feature

In order for the access control system of an office building to be successfully used, the doors managed with the help of the card reader need to be used as planned. This can be done with the help of the right type of monitoring for these office control access systems. These doors cannot be forced open from the exterior without the use of the right card reader, or else they will automatically trigger a door-forced-open condition. The same goes for the event of a card reader door being propped open, the system will issue a door-open-too-long type of warning. An alarm will usually sound inside the building in case any of the previously mentioned scenarios were to occur.

Unlock Features On Office Card Reader Doors

This is an automatic feature that enables the automatic unlocking during various times of the day, as needed. Such a door can be easily opened without having to use access cards. The feature can be set up at the access control server on each separate door at a time. The feature can also be disabled at any of these doors when desired.

Access card's not working the right way, lost or misplaced cards, the need to change any of the access privileges or the need to issue new cards for new employees are all matters that fall under the responsibility of the security coordinator or a professional locksmithing service like ours.

Feel free to get in touch with us for any accidental lockouts or access card replacement issues and allow us to use our experience and know-how to give you a hand.